Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mass Debate in public view!

Actually, Bush was better at mass debating than most because he practiced alot by himself at his "ranch" in Crawford when he got out some of his dirty old magazines hidden from his wife in his favorite personal bathroom. Sources say that he likes the pics of the Texas cheeleaders the best although he does like the girls from OU! Maybe he's got some J's hidden with the mags so he can have a nice trip while refining his personal skills as a mass debater. Does the president have to take a urine test?


  1. There's a bloke in the land of Okies who's running for senate, Tom Coburn, and he constantly has ads saying that his opponent is a liberal. Since 1988 Bush senior started using the word for Dukakis. Then Limbo started using the word like it's a dirty word.
    Liberal used to be a good word. It meant that you were generous with money and openminded. I am not liberal with my spending on dates or tips. Muffy knows that very well! So does that mean that conservatives are "TIGHT" like me? But I am liberal (open minded) as far as listening to conservatives, even Rush.

    His opponent would be very conservative in other states, but conservative anywhere else is liberal..The word is so dirty that they don't even say "liberal arts". I believe they call it "letters". What letters? B U B B A?
    "Kids, lets learn how to do the letters in cursive today!"

    In Australia and Britain, they call the conservative party , the Liberal party. The "liberal" party is the "labor" party.

    So if liberal means openminded then, shouldn't we start calling conservatives "closedminds"?

  2. Where are your sources for your article "Mass Debate IN Public View"?

  3. Maybe the social chairman might even be nice enough to give his mother my cell phone number. She has a standing invitation for dinner. Her 30 years of experience teaching special ed will give me valuable insights as to making this turn in my career.

    This jerk greets me with his usual welcome. He is on a power trip!
    He flips me off when I arrive and has the audacity of mentioning New Mexico. I should never have told this a hole about going to this beautiful land. He is an Indian giver. He offers dinner with his mother almost as a way for me to forgive him for burglarizing my place.