Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Last weekend of summer in the land of Schwagatopia

I took a camera from Walgreens and filled it up with pics. I'd like to let every one see these pics if I can figure out how to post them. I love this place so much and want to tell my favorite readers all about it and the pristine wilderness, especially this creek that was once a raging river by the looks of the geology along the banks many thousands of years ago.
Imagine living in this land before civilization came! Imagine only native Americans who knew how to treat the land and the animals with respect, thrived here and apreciated the beauty of these places that were all over this country.

It is sad with this "Republican" fundamentalist god how humans should take over this "spaceship earth" and how it is wrong to really care about the environment(for fear of being called a "wacko environmentalist"). It is so important that all you "Schwaggers" get registered to vote or even this utopic environment will be taken away under the guise of national security. Fundamental Puritans who do not want others to have fun and enjoy the beauty of a place will close this place down and put up a parking lot, a super Walmart and a McDonalds. It is so nice to walk around with out cars and vehicles that destroy the country and people more than any war!
(to be continued)

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