Saturday, September 04, 2004

Labor Day Weekend In KC!

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I'll try to write this essay with a minimum of run on sentences, Jae! It’s a gorgeous day and its hard to believe I've lived and worked in KC for a year just to get out of the comfort zone and realize life outside of Oklahoma! Time flies by so much more rapidly as one ages and I just want to savor it and do all the things that I want to do but I just wish that we had more of a socialized medicine system so that unemployed folks or self employed people could just go in and pay a minimum 20$ to see the Dr. Many as myself worry about the bills and so they don’t go visit when they should. I believe there could easily be a system where everyone could pitch in and that way be covered, but big business and the powerful medical lobby would not stand for that!
Im looking outside of Muffy's upstair's window at her forest of trees. I am still wanting to be good to myself and really enjoy the last weekend of summer even though it really goes until the 22nd. That gives me 3 more weeks! I want to relax and decide if I am ready to go back to the grind of teaching angry students with the possibility of dealing with insecure female administrators like I had in the Kansas City, Kansas school district. When I have had good supportive principals in the past, I could handle the problem children so much more easily. The job is so much easier when a teacher has a unified front with the parents, teachers and administration. None of that was happening at the middle school I was at. Now, I have heard that 2 teachers have quit because of the power trip this lady is on. It is hard to believe all the things that were going on including hiring a janitor to serve as "parent liaison" when he was just there to spy on and harass the teachers (including sexual harassment).

When I was able to work with the parents and avoid the principal undermining authority, we had an effective way of using "tough love" to help the child understand that he/she would not be allowed to have disrespectful behavior.
The parents that worked with me and keeping the discipline in the classroom and at home were able to have significant results in improving behavior!

When and if I decide to go back to teaching, it will have to be with at a school that is not claustrophobic (has windows to the outside) and has a principal that is not meddling and only supports the ED program in the classroom.
(I would like to have input from other teachers and principals)
These next few months, I am thinking about traveling around the country and other countries even to substitute and find out what type of schools have the best programs for discipline and then academics. Students will not learn until they are aware of their behavior!
(to be continued)


  1. Hey dipshit, please don't go back to teaching (not like you were any good at it anyway). The youth of this country deserve a hell of a lot more than a leftwing nut case spewing the liberal trash that you are so fond of. You seem to have a considerable amount of trouble in your life, such as can't keep a job, can't find a job, people want to kick your ass anywhere you go,... and it always seems to be someone else's fault. Are you seeing a patern here or what?

  2. In case dear chicken hawk, whos to afraid to admit who you are, you are concerned about my welfare. I am taking some time off from teaching.
    This web is the rough draft of a book honestly looking at ADD and the I will be going into the trials that a teacher has to go through for such a small salary and the long hours for lesson plans and IEPs.
    Often I have great rapport with parents but some are stubborn. I hope to God, that you are not a parent with the amount of poor language that shows up with your scribble that you might call writing.

    I am sorry that you lack intelligence and are so filled with anger and hate. Your children, if a person like you were a parent, would end up with many issues.
    I see angry parents beget angry children!

    I would appreciate it if you do not put comments in my website anymore. You are a very gross and disgusting human being that appears to not have a life other than to read my website and enlarge your live at Hudstones!

  3. enlarge your liver and shrink your brain...and go easy on your lungs my website but dont leave anymore appparently cannot write without a very disturbing anger and an illiterate vocabulary
    I get paid to teach emotionally disturbed children..
    I am not paid to teach you. Have a nice life!