Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I had a nightmare about another 4 years of Skippy and I couldn't get back to sleep. :(

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

I'm so obsessed with this website, that I can't wait to get back on here and talk to you, my audience, whether your vibes towards me are positive or negative. Of course, I prefer being around positive people but I feel a very strong need to educate ignorant people. But it feels so frustrating to get through to closeminded people that prefer to stay that way and often won't give you a word edgewise. They often get loud, angry, and potentially volatile to the point where it is safer to just walk away.

It is amazing how this election is so serious where we wake up in the middle of the night and worry about how George is flushing this beautiful land down the tubes! More overseas voters are registering. The two biggest reasons are George and Bush. They are embarassed to be part of the same country that he is president! At least 75% of the world hates Bush and wants him out of office more than any other president in history! The environment will become more and more polluted with more suburban sprawl (so people can live in the "country). Soon there will be suburbs and towns all the way Pauls Valley and past Guthrie on I-35! m The earth is warming up because of increased CO2, being a possible cause of a record amounts of hurricanes in the Carribean and Florida! Because of Bush, we are one of the few countries not participating in preventing global warming. I have voted Republican in the past, believe it or not, because as most bartenders know, I am fiscally conservative (tight). But now I realize how republicans have put us far more in debt while continuing to take away services to the people. Clinton put us out of debt for the first time in a generation and in 3 years we are back to being 200 billion in debt with jobs being flushed away to India! The only work is back breaking work for low wages that migrants coming in by the droves love to do. They are happy to just be here let alone any benefits. The normal entrepeneur working on his own cannot afford health coverage that won't even cover preexisting conditions.

Republicans (neo conservatives) say that they will give us more freedoms, but they will take those away as the ever wealthier CEOS love to keep the masses poor, ignorant and with freedoms gradually being chipped away. Big business wants us to conform, wear suits, go to church and be good little sheep to work at as close to minimum wage with no benefits. Bush represents all of what scared me about the Republican God when I moved to Oklahoma. Oklahoma is one of the poorest states in the country yet because Republicans (neo cons) were "smart" enough to get the pro gun, pro life , pro fundamentalist crowd this state will be a landslide for Dubya (how can one be for life and for guns at the same time?) Dubya knew to become a born again Bubbamentalist after his dad lost to Clinton. He realized Dad would have won if he had got the fundamentalist vote!

Ill continue this later, I'm tired now.

Speaking of nightmares...it was almost a relief ...an old pagan flame had turned old, fat and almost as ugly as her controlling mother who insisted on her aborting her 4th child from a 4th man who raped her...she has had a sad life and her anger with men has turned a once very beautiful girl into a haggard witch

....the nasty wiccan was actually civil with me and talked with me never wanting to give closure very angry at any type of response to talk with her
she claims that she has gone to the police action showing them this website that doesn't mention her name and innocent postcards from OZ..

she wrote a nasty comment on here saying how happy she was (living in her tiny house) married (?)...who was the sucker?

when I woke up I felt better, relieved that she talked to me even in her haggard state...she was unhappy in her marriage always wondering what it would have been like to have brought up her family ( including our love child (??) together


  1. Mufffy says: The girl from Price Chopper who sells seafood asked, "Are you still seeing that guy?" I kind of gave her a politician's answer, I haven't tried putting it into words yet and so had trouble responding to the question. I'm comfortable, though, I hope you are too.