Wednesday, September 15, 2004

George W. was born in New Haven Connecticut, July 6, 1946, a fact not mentioned on his Official White House bio.

It's funny how the Bush family likes to act like its from Texas. They love to get the Bubba and Nascar vote with George w. putting on his affected accent like he's a good ole boy emphasizing his lies like he has no concience. I guess I was the only non-Republican in the audience to see how fake he was in Lee's Summitt. Cannot anyone else see how fake and superficial they all are?
He knows just like I do from living in Oklahoma for 24 years how much "Picante Sauce" animosity there is to Yankees from "good ole boys" in the south! George jr. realiz

For more about the Binladen-Bush connection check out this site:

Besides making money for The Family, selling arms to Russia and China serves another purpose.
Their increased weapons capability will recreate “cold war” enemies.
This will engender an atmosphere of fear and crisis, which will give The Family a platform from which to further increase control, intimidation and manipulation.
This fearful atmosphere will also focus our attention on The Family leaders to “keep us safe”.
This not only maintains their control, but also offers many opportunities for them to implement more legislation and emergency Executive Orders for “our protection”.
These espionage, treason and security laws further erode our rights by transfering power from the people to the government.

So, madness it is, but it seems our “elected” Family, currently operating their business out of their new exclusive address, is trying to portray China and Russia as powerful enemies whilst courting them as business partners to sell weapons to that would then increase their threat to us.

What kind of MIND WARP PSY OP is that???

By the way, did anyone notice that Bush, Sr. just happened to be in China when the “spy plane went down”? What a convenient delivery system of our technology to the Red Chinese. Perhaps our old friend was there to insure a smooth delivery and discuss future arms and technology transfers. Or perhaps it was to discuss his lucrative global drug trade.

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