Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dr Phil and the Kerrys next Wednesday at 3PM

I just saw the end of the interview with the daily TV shrink, Dr. Phil. They were at the Crawford Ranch. It makes me want to puke!
Phil sure made the Bush family look perfect and to look like a fantastic stable Dad (who is one step away from his next drink. They didn't even get into him being an alcoholic father till he was 40!) It makes me have hope for all ADD fathers at least and makes me think that at least he's a good dad, but a shitty president just like I would be with my own ODD, organizational deficit disorder.
Laura said that he is a slob and disorganized. She complained about him bringing in mud into the ranch house. Those are the symptoms of ADD. I'm actually like that but I would never run for the president. If I did, I would get some sharp lawyer like Edwards rather than an old fart like Cheney to be my valet and help prompt me about how to answer questions! Wait, I could handle Ms. Barrymore as my valet! I would enjoy letting her decide if I'm making any fashion faux pas! (i.e. wearing the wrong color Polynesian shirt into the "Buzzard Beach" in Westport)

Wow Drew Barrymore is on Oprah and she is HOT! (She sure is sofa king cute, I just want her to have my babies and take me to Australia! I can tell her that Ive got property on the beach only 3 miles walk on the beach from Surfer's Paradise, Queenland! She would break that spell that the pagan witch cast on me!) And Drew seems to be about the maturity and physical attributes to at least have a fun fling with a charismatic individual as myself! (Muffy is rolling her eyes at me now in my narcissistic fantasies!)

Talk about robo babes! After Drew there were Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguillera all concerned about registering young voters that have become so apathetic thinking they won't vote because all politicians are dirty or corrupt. Cameron exactly mirrors my concerns how scary it will be next year if we have another 4 years of this country's freedoms being taken away! She said how the government will make it to have reproductive rights taken away and no concern for a woman's right when she is raped. I wish there was some hot babe to talk about lessening the stigma and penalties for putting Marijuana and flax seed with omega 3 fatty acids in your oatmeal when it has the ability to be that cheap! Wow, imagine if some celeb went on her show and talked on her show stating that a joint is far less harmful (for driving) than a martini and needs to be legalized. It does not graduate to more harmful drugs!

(to be edited and continued later, just cant wait to get it out to all of my 5 readers!) Thinkin' about heading to Hudstones but the vibes were kind of negative esp. from the BT so I only left him 60 cents late last night. I might have left him over a dollar if he at least smiled. I'm sorry if he had a long evening. Who knows? I'm sure Muffy, who's a bartender will get angry at me for being so cheap! Women call you that even though your still paying for the evening! I'd love to call a woman cheap that won't take me out and leave a large tip! Don't get me started! I would love to see one of these people in the service industry that might have had a bad day or evening trade places with a teacher with a classroom full of children with behavior disorders! We have to pay taxes and don't get tax free tips. Many make several times a teachers salary! Unfortunately, they often don't get major medical :(.

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  1. Not many people realize the "Crawford Ranch" is really just a sound stage created during the 2000 election because the whole thing seemed "folksy". Copy and paste this into your browser

    As for me, I went to a groovy museum in Sugar Creek about the Slavic and Standard Oil heritage of that town, and I found some pictures of my *most beloved* grandfather as a child.

    You see, nobody in my family has ever seen a photograph of "Pikey" as a youngster. This picture I've got of him at age 10 hanging on the wall now, that I always dreamed I'd find, is making me sadder about the old man than I was when he died and I can't seem to find any way to get my mind back right again.

    When he died the first time, I handled it by moving to his home town and moving in with the guy who's father owned a restaurant next door to my grandpa's house.

    That would seem to not be an option at this point.

    So why am I posting this here? Because nobody gives a shite in my real life, and I don't want to subject my own website's visitors to my personal problems. Besides, you've been hungry for comments, I hear.

    And speaking of comments, I should like to hear more about Muffy! Your Botticelli maiden is a fine diamond in a world filled with limestone, and you and I both know how prophetic and exciting she can be if there's somebody making her happy and not the other way around...
    (Hats off to Sir Hiram Walker and his delightful candy cane libation...apologies fothcoming)


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