Monday, September 13, 2004

CAT FIGHT AT MIKE'S (stay tuned for details later,,,)

lll give myself 5 mins to write this...
while im high
and the sun is still high
in the sky

the number 13...
alot of shit has happened with 13
My Alene was with me for over 13 years since we met on st. pats in okc
what was a long time ago...
but to you it was only yesterday..
and you
wake up from a bad dream...
you look into your reflection...
22 years later...
:( u like your reflection??

Shit with the children of the corn from Chicikasha came to a head on friday the 13th..
evil 8th grade chearleaders all having a slumber party
lets harass that teacher we ran out of town
and then had prank phone calls left on the answering machine!

"tee hee"...
they laugh in glee
till the number shows on caller id

(ill write that essay sometime :)

Had to break up a thinking should I let Pat,in her narcoleptic state, just fall on top of Buffy, or let Buffy use her street smart feisty little Napoleana tendencies be unleashed on the extra 50 lbs of serious heffer plasty.... I saw blood ...ahead
Garvald came to the rescue!!
(will be continued)

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