Saturday, September 11, 2004


My older brother was working in the American Express building across from the two towers. They evacuated the building not knowing what happened as they were not watching TV's. When he went outside, he saw the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower. He did not stay but took the ferry across the river and saw the towers crash from across the river.

I was able to get a hold of him that afternoon. I was so happy that he was ok. Since that time, I have often gone into depression realizing how quickly life can end. I don't know how I could have handled it if the plane hit his building instead already having dealt with the deaths of my mother and my girlfriend of 13 years (yes, Muffy, she was my common law wife so that judgemental people wouldn't throw stones!)

We are survivors and the hardest thing to do sometimes is to go on with our lives. So much trauma takes an effect on our psyche! Then very often we feel guilty about surviving, about doing things differently with the ones we loved. We are sorry that we didn't do more fun things with our best friends, best buddies, best parents, best lovers and we can never talk to them again except when we pray or feel that they might still with us!

As survivors, we are left with a big hole and emptiness. I am very scared of all the repercussions from us "paying them back" with all the innocent lives we are taking for a needless war in Iraq. All these survivors could grow up to be very angry continuing this needless violence. It is a shame that our president is acting as if God is on our side. This war-loving "Christian" chicken hawk is pitting fundamentalist against fundamentalist and yet we have the same god. Religion has caused so much bloodshed! Please God, let there not be another 4 years of this very scary administration!

(to be continued)


  1. Wife? What wife? Oh, you mean "common law" wife. No ring, no status, not even a headstone after nine years. Thats a "common" redneck "ideal". The Muffster

  2. Why do you have to be so harsh and judgemental? I will get her the headstone and I did give her a ring?
    Are you wanting to put me on trial, Muffster??
    At least now, Bubba can see that you are not imaginary!!

    Or maybe he might think that you are my concience talking to me!

  3. how can we be so judgemental so much when we are dealing with death...
    Just like talking to that a preacher who told from his judgemental "Church Of the Rock" that Alene was not angel and way above angels. How does he know whats up there.

    no wonder you sounded so angry on the phone this am!

  4. How dare you go there esp on this public site with something so painful....being with her for 13 years and yes I did not marry her and I do feel guilty about that!
    I have never been married (only engaged) but I am old fashioned in the sense that I did not know if she was the one I wanted to grow old with!
    You have never been married also, Muffster! So dont even go there....(glass houses!)just when I was feeling better about you!
    My best friend ( I think is attacking me on a site that is open to the whole world!
    thanks, Muffy.

  5. Well, I won't comment on the errors in your text, that has been done too many times and we've come to expect it now. No, I've never been married, but I've also never lied and said I have been.

  6. Whatever you wanna think...just becuz u lose in scrabble most of th e time!!


    Muffy, you are hitting way below the belt...I could go there as I have done so with many relationships but why bring out the mud...I dont think Ill answer the phone when ur in one of these moods!!
    Have a nice evening...and start getting more fiber in your diet!

  8. for structure: B-
    creativity: C-,
    support for statement: D
    Overall grade: C

    Well, I won't comment on the errors in your text,

    You need a period at the end of this .

    that has been done too many times and we've come to expect it now.
    Capitalize t

    No, I've never been married, but I've also never lied and said I have been.


    some folks need to try kava kava along with the sweet herbs :)

  10. "taken a vow of nonviolence and am insulted that the police are insinuating
    that because I am a combat Veteran I MUST be violent. That is the stigma we
    veterans live with for our entire post- combat lives, and it is not only
    unfair, as most of you know it is untrue."



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