Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mass Debate in public view!

Actually, Bush was better at mass debating than most because he practiced alot by himself at his "ranch" in Crawford when he got out some of his dirty old magazines hidden from his wife in his favorite personal bathroom. Sources say that he likes the pics of the Texas cheeleaders the best although he does like the girls from OU! Maybe he's got some J's hidden with the mags so he can have a nice trip while refining his personal skills as a mass debater. Does the president have to take a urine test?

Leigh Anne sent me this site and I couldn't resist just making it easier for you to see how bogus Dr Phil's interview is in the Bush "home" and how he is like a Texas yankee doing work on the "ranch" almost like he's a veteran rancher. Next week Phil is going to show the opposite with Kerry and going into his divorce and trying to sabotage the image of Kerry being a good family man. More and more, Bush is trying to follow an act set up by Rove and others the way Reagan learned from Hollywood how to follow a script!

PHONY TO THE CORE: The "Ole Family Ranch" in Crawford is a Set Completed
the Same Day the Election was Stolen
By Cheryl Seal

Have you seen all those article and pictures of Bush "at home on the
ranch" in Crawford - the ones that imply that he is "just an ole ranch
hand" more comfortable on the family homestead than in the "Big City,"
be it Austin or D.C.? Well, if you bought this image, you've been
royally snuckered. The Bush family homestead in Crawford is nothing more
than an elaborate set. The house, built in 2000, was designed to be
ready for Bush to step into - like a set awaiting an actor - during the
2000 presidential election. Not only was the "ranch" created in 2000 -
so, essentially, was the "town" of Crawford! Before then only about 400
people lived in the area. The Crawford Chamber of Commerce and
Agriculture were formed shortly after the ranch was finished.

The 1,600 acres on which the "ranch" sits was purchased in 1999 for an
undisclosed price, but it was a helluva lot less than the current real
estate agents' appraisal of $1.2 million. Yep, worth $1.2 million, but
G.W. has a sweet deal at the tax appraiser's office, where the property
is valued at about $988,000. Oh, and that "homey ole ranch house?" It's
actually a 10,000-square-foot single level mansion/compound that won't
even be 2 years old until this November! The compound features a
swimming pool for daughters Jenna and Barbara, who apparently loudly
demanded it - the Bushes call it the girls' "Whining pool." Btw - we
hear Bush got a sweet deal on the house construction, (the cost, of
course remains undisclosed): the builders came from a religious
community in El Mott, Texas. The original completion date of the house
was November 7 - election day 2000. In other words, the curtain went up
on the set on schedule for "show time." The very timing of this event
indicates that Bush was absolutely confident that the election would be
successfully engineered in his favor.

The whole idea behind the ranch set, of course, was so that the public
could be treated to footage of Bush seeking a quiet "retreat" at the
family ranch. Americans would thus assume that the ranch was a rooted
family homestead or compound like the one Kennedy's had in Martha's
Vineyard or FDR had at Campobello. But when Bush retreated into his
"homestead" in November, 2000, he was merely walking onto a prepared set
upon which the paint had barely dried, let alone even the barest of
roots put down! When we see photos of Bush bombing around the ranch in
his leather jacket in his "ole pickup," supposedly knowing every tree
and bush - it's all pure fantasy! If Bush knows every tree and bush
after actually spending, all told, a total of about 2 months on the
ranch (if you put the odd days end to end) since it was bought, then
I''d like to know when he found time to hold all those endless Crawford
press conferences! Seems to me he'd be way too busy introducing himself
to trees and bushes.

Until Bush and handlers decided that a rural ranch would be a slick bit
of PR for the presidential campaign, Bush had no interest in a "home on
the range." Instead, his preferred weekend retreat was to the Rainbo
Club, an exclusive lakeside hunting club in Henderson County, about an
hour south of Dallas, much closer to the comforts of Austin. When a Bush
run for president began to look like a pretty good bet, the 1,600 acres
were bought and the Bushes started making weekend trips to a 60-year-old
ranch house that existed on the property - not of course, before
refurbishing it! - so they could build the "lore" that would take in the
American public, hook, line and sinker.

In an interesting side note - while Bush is anti-conservation in his
presidential policies to please his corporate pals, in his OWN home, he
has installed several conservation/energy saving features, including
solar panels for heating water, rainwater collection for landscape
irrigation, an air conditioning system that uses groundwater and a gray
water recycling system. The obvious impression here is that Bush, being
all PR show and no substance or real convictions, wants to cover all the
bases. Block conservation when it is expedient, but have some
conservation "stuff" to show off when that is expedient.

So, in short, we have a "president" who, ON THE SAME DAY - November 7,
2000 - stole an election and had the last nail driven into a phony ranch
set. But with a completely snuckered press corps, we also have had a
completely snuckered public. And a platoon of completely snuckered world
leaders, chief among them Blair and Putin, who have been hosted at the
"ole ranch" set and completely taken in. Alas, the Crawford ranch is a
symbol of the utter corporate phoniness of this administration. The
whole scenario reminds me of those type of sophisticated con artists
(like the ones who recently convinced several investors they could turn
sand into gold! ) who blow into town, rent an upscale office space just
long enough to give them enough credibility to hoodwink investors. Then,
once they have fleeced enough "marks," they disappear. What makes the
Bush case much, much worse is that I doubt he will disappear.

Additional Notes on "Rancho Boguso" from Bonafide Texans

Apparently Rancho Boguso has done time not just as a small-time cattle
ranch but was once a pig farm as well! And those horses you see in
photos? Window dressing only - Bush can't ride!!!

Read with interest your article at Being from Waco I know
well what you say. Crawford first of all is closer to Waco than the
Branch Davidian Compound but this is never said.

For you information Bush was just given a saddle as a gift that is now
on tour around the state. This saddle is of NO use to him since he
does't ride horses. Ask Vincinte Fox - who wanted him to go riding on
Bush's trip to Mexico. [Wonder how Bush wormed his way out of THAT?]

Another fact is that he doesn't own any of the cattle on his "ranch".
They are the cattle of the previous owner, who helps run the "Movie
Set". He's a cowboy with more hat than cattle.

W. G. Lacy

Enjoyed Cheryl Seal's story about the Crawford "ranch." But she failed
to mention that before Shrub bought it, it was a pig farm. And in Texas,
it is too small to be considered a ranch anyway -- go look up how many
100 thousand acres LBJ had or how big the King Ranch is.

William Duttweiler usand acres LBJ had or how big the King Ranch is.

William Duttweiler

Thanks, William for giving all of us insight into what might be another 4 years of a president who screws up his lines and we are too ignorant to know otherwise. I wish that there would be a chance for us to not listen to other sheep and Baptist preachers who tell us how to vote and really make an informed decision. Bush does such a good job at being another Texan that he even has Dr. Phil fooled. Who knows?
Maybe Phil is getting some good kickbacks or he'll always have a job on the Fox Propaganda Network!

Thanks, Leigh Anne

"So why am I posting this here? Because nobody gives a shite in my real life, and I don't want to subject my own website's visitors to my personal problems. Besides, you've been hungry for comments, I hear."

We give a shite, Leigh, except for Bubbanon!
I think personal stories are sometimes fascinating to others as we let others into our lives. Your website is fantastic, Leigh Anne and I appreciate all your help with mine! I feel with your website, mine and when all of us bloggers come together, we can really make an impact on the government as to making serious changes. I talked to a young union rep that is lobbying for workers. We talked about how unions are effective for getting things done and not let management take advantage of workers. In England and Australia, they have the labor party which is like our Democratic party, except that they really have the support of the workers and support workers. I'm realizing that there are many of us with similar opinions about our freedoms being taken away and working for a good wage is becoming a thing of the past. From watching Oprah, yesterday, I realized that it is not only me that is becoming very passionate about where our government is going. I was friends with Drew, Cameron, and Christina in this common goal, this common collective. This desire to still be up at 4 am and talk to others like I am now and writing so you will also not feel alone with this passion. If you, the readers also become involved as I'm sure many of you are, we will become the common collective conciousness to change!

Leigh Anne, Do you think I get too personal on my website? It's nice to know that there are people out there that give a shit. I feel good when I meet friends that have read my website for example, John,(whom I met at Lumpy's a couple of years ago) has been keeping up with my adventures and him mentioning parts of the story that made an impact on him, for example the fight at Lumpy's (by the way, I went by the place and Steve was nice about saying that Chris had banned me from the place for being the victim of an emotionally disturbed customer that was previously banned from the place for continued violence and agression. They should have kept out violent people for the safety of the customers. ) When I meet a new reader, it excites me that they also are excited about the stories..It's sometimes like a life or discovery is happening to you and others (friends hopefully) are sharing this...

"And speaking of comments, I should like to hear more about Muffy!"

I want to write more about her fine attributes such as her zest for fighting for reproductive rights. She has many concerns for the government and got me more involved in politics. We both love to eat up the news and CNN together having voracious appetites. She is one extremely smart cooky and always keep me on my toes. She actually told me that my writing has been improving and flowing better. I told her that writing improves with practice just like swimming laps each day! (That reminds me that I need to swim some more laps at the apts close by house before it gets too cold. We are still having days in the low 80's). She just wishes that I wasn't obsessed with this website but I told her that it's much healthier to obsess about it than wasting my time obsessing about bipolar born again pagan women!

"for Your Botticelli maiden is a fine diamond in a world filled with limestone, and you and I both know how prophetic and exciting she can be if there's somebody making her happy and not the other way around...(Hats off to Sir Hiram Walker and his delightful candy cane libation...apologies fothcoming)"

I guess I sometimes make her happy when I feed her or make her laugh or just keep my mouth shut. I wish that I could entertain her as Charly Roads does. He interviews these famous people and usually always has good rapport with them. I'd like to start interviewing future famous people for this website like it's an informative magazine! My site will at least give these folks 10 or 15 minutes of fame. Im trying to put pics on it at least of Shwagstock but they might piss off Muffy (just innocent flirting). I'm still intimidated by computers and don't even know how to transfer the disc from Walgreens onto here!

Well, Leigh Anne, I hope that Hiram Walker doesn't give you a headache in the morning. I'll edit this essay tomorrow. It's 4:30 now!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dr Phil and the Kerrys next Wednesday at 3PM

I just saw the end of the interview with the daily TV shrink, Dr. Phil. They were at the Crawford Ranch. It makes me want to puke!
Phil sure made the Bush family look perfect and to look like a fantastic stable Dad (who is one step away from his next drink. They didn't even get into him being an alcoholic father till he was 40!) It makes me have hope for all ADD fathers at least and makes me think that at least he's a good dad, but a shitty president just like I would be with my own ODD, organizational deficit disorder.
Laura said that he is a slob and disorganized. She complained about him bringing in mud into the ranch house. Those are the symptoms of ADD. I'm actually like that but I would never run for the president. If I did, I would get some sharp lawyer like Edwards rather than an old fart like Cheney to be my valet and help prompt me about how to answer questions! Wait, I could handle Ms. Barrymore as my valet! I would enjoy letting her decide if I'm making any fashion faux pas! (i.e. wearing the wrong color Polynesian shirt into the "Buzzard Beach" in Westport)

Wow Drew Barrymore is on Oprah and she is HOT! (She sure is sofa king cute, I just want her to have my babies and take me to Australia! I can tell her that Ive got property on the beach only 3 miles walk on the beach from Surfer's Paradise, Queenland! She would break that spell that the pagan witch cast on me!) And Drew seems to be about the maturity and physical attributes to at least have a fun fling with a charismatic individual as myself! (Muffy is rolling her eyes at me now in my narcissistic fantasies!)

Talk about robo babes! After Drew there were Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguillera all concerned about registering young voters that have become so apathetic thinking they won't vote because all politicians are dirty or corrupt. Cameron exactly mirrors my concerns how scary it will be next year if we have another 4 years of this country's freedoms being taken away! She said how the government will make it to have reproductive rights taken away and no concern for a woman's right when she is raped. I wish there was some hot babe to talk about lessening the stigma and penalties for putting Marijuana and flax seed with omega 3 fatty acids in your oatmeal when it has the ability to be that cheap! Wow, imagine if some celeb went on her show and talked on her show stating that a joint is far less harmful (for driving) than a martini and needs to be legalized. It does not graduate to more harmful drugs!

(to be edited and continued later, just cant wait to get it out to all of my 5 readers!) Thinkin' about heading to Hudstones but the vibes were kind of negative esp. from the BT so I only left him 60 cents late last night. I might have left him over a dollar if he at least smiled. I'm sorry if he had a long evening. Who knows? I'm sure Muffy, who's a bartender will get angry at me for being so cheap! Women call you that even though your still paying for the evening! I'd love to call a woman cheap that won't take me out and leave a large tip! Don't get me started! I would love to see one of these people in the service industry that might have had a bad day or evening trade places with a teacher with a classroom full of children with behavior disorders! We have to pay taxes and don't get tax free tips. Many make several times a teachers salary! Unfortunately, they often don't get major medical :(.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I had a nightmare about another 4 years of Skippy and I couldn't get back to sleep. :(

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

I'm so obsessed with this website, that I can't wait to get back on here and talk to you, my audience, whether your vibes towards me are positive or negative. Of course, I prefer being around positive people but I feel a very strong need to educate ignorant people. But it feels so frustrating to get through to closeminded people that prefer to stay that way and often won't give you a word edgewise. They often get loud, angry, and potentially volatile to the point where it is safer to just walk away.

It is amazing how this election is so serious where we wake up in the middle of the night and worry about how George is flushing this beautiful land down the tubes! More overseas voters are registering. The two biggest reasons are George and Bush. They are embarassed to be part of the same country that he is president! At least 75% of the world hates Bush and wants him out of office more than any other president in history! The environment will become more and more polluted with more suburban sprawl (so people can live in the "country). Soon there will be suburbs and towns all the way Pauls Valley and past Guthrie on I-35! m The earth is warming up because of increased CO2, being a possible cause of a record amounts of hurricanes in the Carribean and Florida! Because of Bush, we are one of the few countries not participating in preventing global warming. I have voted Republican in the past, believe it or not, because as most bartenders know, I am fiscally conservative (tight). But now I realize how republicans have put us far more in debt while continuing to take away services to the people. Clinton put us out of debt for the first time in a generation and in 3 years we are back to being 200 billion in debt with jobs being flushed away to India! The only work is back breaking work for low wages that migrants coming in by the droves love to do. They are happy to just be here let alone any benefits. The normal entrepeneur working on his own cannot afford health coverage that won't even cover preexisting conditions.

Republicans (neo conservatives) say that they will give us more freedoms, but they will take those away as the ever wealthier CEOS love to keep the masses poor, ignorant and with freedoms gradually being chipped away. Big business wants us to conform, wear suits, go to church and be good little sheep to work at as close to minimum wage with no benefits. Bush represents all of what scared me about the Republican God when I moved to Oklahoma. Oklahoma is one of the poorest states in the country yet because Republicans (neo cons) were "smart" enough to get the pro gun, pro life , pro fundamentalist crowd this state will be a landslide for Dubya (how can one be for life and for guns at the same time?) Dubya knew to become a born again Bubbamentalist after his dad lost to Clinton. He realized Dad would have won if he had got the fundamentalist vote!

Ill continue this later, I'm tired now.

Speaking of was almost a relief old pagan flame had turned old, fat and almost as ugly as her controlling mother who insisted on her aborting her 4th child from a 4th man who raped her...she has had a sad life and her anger with men has turned a once very beautiful girl into a haggard witch

....the nasty wiccan was actually civil with me and talked with me never wanting to give closure very angry at any type of response to talk with her
she claims that she has gone to the police action showing them this website that doesn't mention her name and innocent postcards from OZ..

she wrote a nasty comment on here saying how happy she was (living in her tiny house) married (?)...who was the sucker?

when I woke up I felt better, relieved that she talked to me even in her haggard state...she was unhappy in her marriage always wondering what it would have been like to have brought up her family ( including our love child (??) together

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Garvald's search for his Schwagmaiden

After Alene passed away December 31st, 94 its been hard for Garvald to have relationships, often showing his needy side having been spoiled by her and sleeping with her most of those 13 x 365 days. That comes out to at least 4 of those years sleeping, making love and cuddling. Someone that knew him and cared about him was suddenly taken away without any warning. How could he survive other than putting his efforts into the children of his freshman biology class. Their bright faces took his mind off of her. He started writing to organize his own feelings and often would talk to her and his mother feeling that they were his match makers in heaven.
He was angry at the fundamentalist preacher at the funeral for telling him where she was in heaven and not an angel. Occasionally, he would feel her presence wanting him to be taken care of for this one time for his soul to be on this earth. He wanted to believe but did not want any organized religion written by man to tell him the way things were.

He often struggled at his various middle school science teaching positions until he felt more of a niche and skill with emotionally challenged students. There were little signs along the way. He still went through many relationships trying to find his perfect woman.

He tuned into pagan thought and spirituality that mirrored many of his own feelings brought out in his writing when he finds intelligence, beauty and compassion with a young pagan girl that appears to be his soul mate.Actually she mysteriously found him on the psycho net. She had written to him and surely someone as young as here wouldn't be interested in him.
She was a psychic or at least claimed to be.
She had told him that "Garvald" had come out on the Ouija board long before they met. She and her mother would often play with the board.
Her daughter, who called him "Daddy",
was born on the same day Alene was born and that mysteriously, was about the same time the brief relationship ended.She and her mentor witch also much older than her pushed him into get an engagement ring. This born again pagan girl believed in him more than he did in himself and reached a state of happiness that he never had almost thinking that he would become a father.

He bonded with her son who often told him how he was looking forward to him being his father. His own father never could give him the love and acceptance that he desperately wanted so much. Garvald would often become verklempt (all choked up) at the idea of becoming a family man and not being alone again. It was all too good to be true. He did not deserve someone like her. When her mother came down to visit with the step dad it was all over. Mother dearest was cold and judgemental. She looked at a painting of Alene and remarked how closely her precious daughter looked at her. She presumed that was why this older man was marrying her daughter. The pagan girl told him of her very controlling ways.
"Why are you marrying this old man? He does not know plumbing or anything about keeping up a house."
They all and had a breakfast together. While her daughter was in the bathroom, her mother had to make sure she told him how her daughter was emotionally unstable and had to put away for a while. He wondered how this woman he was so in love with could have such a cruel mother??
The mother and the passive step dad left and Garvald was momentarily happy...
That Sunday afternoon, he saw her black cats inside his infinity after he leaving the top up. A popular break up song was on the radio. It was a bad omen.

"Hurricane Michelle was the 13th named storm and one of the strongest hurricanes of the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season. One of only four November Category 4 hurricanes, Michelle made landfall on south-central Cuba with winds of 140 mph, the strongest Cuban landfall since Hurricane Fox in the 1952 season. The hurricane brought torrential rains across its path from Central America through the Greater Antilles, killing 17 people and causing widespread damage." after it dissipated and destroyed every remnant of her love, all that was left was her ring that represents "infinity" ... "You're not it" she brutally told him in her last email and kept the engagement ring.

Long after it was over Garvald would often become depressed thinking how happy he was with her. It was more of a loss than with Alene..He then realized how time was so fleeting, so he pursued his writing as a hobby and desire to express his soul as a healthy release for all his pain . He would have a similar feeling, when he went swimming, bicycling, and surfing. He wrote on many notebooks, lost notes and poetry in cyber space ...He wrote on pieces of paper his ideas and angst. He was formulating an idea to put all of this together
into a magical book of his world. He would eventually have it written as a website and then a book, then share it with his world and the rest of the universe.

All the signs seemed to be telling him to get out his comfort zone or Okie Zone ...He started stretching his paradigms. He goes to Chicago to see a soon to be published author. He loved her but he left Chicago not making the effort to get a teaching job there almost afraid of the cold depressing winter there. He helps her with the idea of writing about oneself in the third person especially when her book was dealing with the physical and sexual abuse from her parents in Texas. A month after they break up, her book was accepted and she thanked him in the acknowledgements for helping her overcome her fears by writing it all in the third person.

When he comes back from Chicago, he has an interview with Kansas City Schools. They want him to teach children with behavior disorders. He has a job to go back to in Oklahoma but he sits in his car in Westport and asks the universe what should keep him in KC? A bar mate at the Buzzard Beach, Mark, tells him to check out First Fridays at Nelson's Museum of Art. He meets Muffy who introduces him to the world of politics and feminism. They go to fight for female reproductive rights on a bus trip to Washington D.C. She challenges him about his ADD and always keeps him on his toes especially if she wasn't fed, needed a cigarette, cannabis, or it was a week before "Aunt Flo".

In February, he finally gets the prescription for Adderall (she called it "Adda boy!" for the difference it made in the way Garvald could focus and get things done) It's like he has suddenly put glasses on and can see how he does not need to be overwhelmed with life's daily struggles. He wonders how he would have done those IEPS (individual education plans) without it! He feels that being a white male teacher, his African American administrator does not like him from the first day of school and he's sorry that he didn't follow his intuitions about her and her obsession with power so much that she has her staff and janitors spy on the teachers. To get her and the emotionally disturbed director off his back he turns in his resignation for the end of the year.

Garvald makes it a point to still finish the year well, developing his rapport with the parents to help improve the behavior of his students. He worked far better with the parents and he did his best to keep the principal away from his classroom as she only would undermine his authority. (more about the craziness of this school in later installments)

Garvald relaxes and recuperates from the emotionally strained year during the summer. He thinks the strain made his back a lot worse! Muffy introduces him to Lillian who shows him how to start his website. He sees light at the end of the tunnel when he realizes this book would be his own self actualization. This website and book will help him heal and discover what his talents are. He knows that when he reaches his peak, the engine is running and he has taken off, he will find his once and future schwagmaiden. He can see little ones in his magical place. Occasionally he had visions of these "responsibilities" running around his fantasy home in between Nimbin and Byron bay. He could see the coast from his large bedroom/studio window on the first floor and the blue mountain view from his upstairs balcony! ("Lifestyles of the "Rich and Infamous"). Will his once and future Schwagmaiden join him in the journey or will he find her at the end of his journey finding his real home.?

He saw this place and others in Byron Bay and Nimbin, Australia. He also imagined this magical place when he went to Schwagatopia.

When he finds his magical place and maiden, the book will be written and he will find peace and happiness with his new family perhaps in the land of OZ??

Plans for the future!

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

The following is a list of places where there exists a sizable hippy population, where there is tolerance towards hippies, where hippies are free to pursue their lifestyle with community support. Whether you're looking to visit or relocate, you can be sure there'll be places to stay, interesting things to see and do, and lots of other hippies in these places. Please note, most of these were reader contributions! If you know of any other places to add to this list please write to us.

Check out our Communal Living Forum for more info on communes!

Guys and Gals, lets check out all these places. I think that this will be the best way to recuperate from emotionally disturbed people,angry female emotionally disturbed directors,principals, ex gf's,Bubbas, Bubbannettes,(who have no tolerance for your ecentricities and desire to relax and campout!)...I notice lately after shwaggers and nudists have checked out my site, that the readership might have gone down to only Bubba, maybe Muffy, Buffy and a few others.

Dr. Dave has said that I would be best in an intellectual community open to free thought and far away from restrictive Bubbamentalism! Maybe the Okie zone, will be the base for these orbits further and further out of the comfort zone. I have my "Infiniti" and Ive lent out my Mazda to Golda (good platonic can't have enough female friends except when they won't come to bailing you out of jail)...thats a long story and I'll get into that about seeing one of my ex 7th grade Hispanic students from Jackson Middle School from a few years ago directly across from me while we were waiting to be released after our bean and cornbread lunch (it tasted so good eager to get out of this place and with me having so much hassle to get my car still in my Dad'd name). Im sure that this one statement might make some of the momentary judgemental readership put me under even more scrutiny for when I decide to finish this sabbatical and possibly go back to teaching(only after realizing that I won't be getting an advance from Rolling Stones Magazine for writing this adventure orbiting around the Okie Zone ). Evening in the place was a nightmare with one toilet among 40 alcoholics. I was only .06 and I was not driving...long story but Ill get into it later.

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New Mexico-New York
North Carolina-Ohio
South Carolina-Tennessee
West Virginia-Washington-Wisconsin The World

Central America
Down Under!
Other Places

Maybe you can all check out these places! South Africa and then Australia on 30$/day maybe...if I find a place to work for room and board and include these experiences in my writing!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Skippy's Affair

A's Beck and Cards' Hidalgo caught in love triangle with Dubya
Richard Hidalgo, George Bush, and Rod Beck share a tender moment.
WASHINGTON — On the condition on anonymity, sources close to the Athletics and Cardinals organizations confirmed that pitcher Rod Beck and outfielder Richard Hidalgo have been taking part in a secret three-way love affair with President George "Skippy" Bush. The three met during the 2001 off-season at a rave party at Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Rumors had been circulating for months about the torrid affair in early 2002, prompting Bush to invade Iraq to divert the media's attention. The White House released the following statement about the affair: "The President wants to remind the American people that there are terrorists out there. Orange Alert! Buy duct tape now! And Vote Bush."

Moving to a higher level in Schwagatopia

Now to a more lighter subject on this wonderful "Shangri La" of Schwagatopia. This land has 330 acres but it seems much larger as this beautiful crystal clear creek meanders through the heart of this paradise. My car was parked downstream among many others with a beautiful view from the hill of this waterway. So I thought, why not start this glorious last Sunday of the summer with a swim/walk upstream and have a day in the life of Garvald as Bloom did in James Joyce's "Ulysses". Joyce uses stream of consciousness in his writing where thoughts flow as they would in a person's mind.

Here goes this essay in the third person (very rough draft)


Garvald wants to be momentarily free of civilization, hiding his keys (taking his chances there), and then taking off upstream with only his torn up orange shorts with a black stripe, his goggles, and his sandals. No worries in the world except someone stealing his infinity. He walks and swims meeting little bands of flower children along the way. He ask them if they are registered and after sharing a few bongs with these friendly folk, he starts a chorus of,

Everyone joins in on the 100 yards of beach at the bend of the creek's meander. There is a beautiful stretch of sand where there is a pedestrian bridge across the creek. He talks to them of starting a "collective consciousness".
"If all of us vote and form together a grass roots lobby we could be as strong as the NRA and candidates would then have to listen to our concerns for this country going down the tubes!
They would need to be accountable for how we are destroying beautiful places like this under the guise of progress. Everyone wants to enjoy the country without regard to how we are tearing it up with subdivisions and the golden temples that worship the McDonald's cow like it's part of Americana like it's "Apple Pie"!
Soon there will be suburbs everywhere eventually encroaching on this beautiful undeveloped paradise in the Ozarks!"
SO ONE, TWO, THREE, NO MORE BUSH!" (kept the kind you drink and the kind you eat)

Finally after being the social butterfly conversing with the tribes along the creek front property in all their assortments of tents on the beaches, Garvald finds his favorite beach after crossing over the second pedestrian bridge. This is the most idyllic beach with a wonderful rock to do your Olympic dives on. A beautiful shag maiden was practing her dives in front of the admiring beach pagans. Garvald was upset that he might have been too involved in intellectual discourse to see all of those dives of hers with almost perfect form. She had swum and dived in high school and maybe in college. He swam and played like a dolphin with her often working his hardest to keep up with her lithe form. After the frolic in the fountain of youth, she was glad to rub some lotion on his back and shaved head with the jealous members of her tribe becoming impatient with this behavior especially when she coyly put her feet out to be massaged. Before they were interrupted by the evil eyes of jealousy, she told him that she wants to do freelance photo journalism for his magazine that will be evolving from this website! (Muffy and many of the close minded readers might be rolling their eyes now at this literary license of Garvald)

He could not wait to swim in this spot where the creek was deep for about 50 yards. That was long enough for him to do some "Australian Crawl" sprints and get his heart rate up. Swimming is Garvald's way to stay in shape and be able to keep up with the sharks, rednecks and pagans. He was also hoping to impress the young rainbow shwaggers with his athleticism along with his very eccentric views on the world. These beautiful people were in total agreement with his Garvaldian ideas of life.

They all drank and smoked wacky tobaccy together. This alpha bloke from Arkansas with his tribe had a large cooler of "Pabst Blue Headaches" in their picnic site with the large beach umbrella. The cooler was staying cold in the spring fed water of this clear creek. Garvald's charm won them over enough to lend him the beers on credit. When he would swam back downstream to his car later, he would reimburse them. Garvald never walked away from "legitimate" debts!

He had no idea that he would earn his grog by treasure hunting underwater to find a poor bloke his glasses. Garvald soon realized who the chief and chieftess of this tribe were. He asked the leader if he had relations with his sister having come from Arkansas. They all laughed, especially the chieftess who later lasciviously put some lotion on his head and back. Garvald does enjoy being pampered even at the expense of jealous mates. He volunteered to entertain them with his dry humor and wit while serving as the friendly beertender.

In the middle of these 7 beers and a swimming sprint, Garvald saw these beautiful nude colonists walk across the bridge. He immediately takes off his orange shorts in midstroke to also be in his glory, in front of all the gods and godesses looking over from above. (hey, we're pagan and aren't they sometimes supposed to have many gods, like the Greeks and Romans?) Garvald makes friends with Crow and the tribe. Eventually the alpha couple from the Arkansas tribe take off their clothes and the beach reaches an ultimate state of undress, harmony and momentary bliss.

Meanwhile, Garvald is trying to find the glasses of the poor bloke who lost them in the deep pool when he was diving off the rocks. The bloke said he'd give him 20$ and Garvald said a little shwag would make him happy. Instead, he found a great knife that another guy wanted to buy for 10$. Garvald told the guy to give the tribe the 10$ bill and they could owe him the change in beers. The chieftess was cool, of course, with holding onto my money. Meanwhile, while becoming distracted with conversation with the nudists, another Ark. tribesman (Ill just say lieutenant) found those glasses and benefited from the reward. He found them even without the goggles! However, later, the Arks felt like they wanted more $$ and refused to give up the grog with the hillbilly lieutenant defiantly sitting on the cooler. The alpha leader said that Garvald owed another 7$! The greed of these people made him think of civilization and he proceeded to swim off downstream in disgust. Swimming and walking back to the other bridge, he met a few more tribes and friendly peace pipes. He hoped to meet the nudists again.

Eventually, by sunset, and floating downstream he came to the bridge and walked to his car parked all alone now in the forest but still overlooking this beautiful stream. He was so happy that his car was not gone and by then it was Sunday evening!
He is all alone and wonders how much partying might be left in him and any left over shwaggers.

Garvald grabs his matress pad, blanket and a water bottle in search of the party.
He makes new friends and they take care of him in his starvation mode giving him a good deal with pizza bread for a dollar and munching on candy bars (only when garvald is starving does he indulge himself in junk food!). He parks his matress folded over to ease his comfort while he goes into his narcoleptic state for most of the concert. He finds that the nice lady his age leaves him a pillow!

Afterwards, there were choices of many campfires to warm up and cuddle to. Garvald parks in one spot to listen to some great musicians. Ocassionally he is interupted by the lady who gave him the pillow when he looks like he might be too deeply involved in conversation with the musician or the pagan girl sitting next to him. Eventually, when he goes off for some water the smooth "colonel" with his beard longer than ZZ Top and Gandalf, moves in on the pagan girl that was conversing with Garvald and takes up his spot on the matress. Garvald was a little worried that the pillow lady was warning her about this strange bald man who looked like Mr. Clean. She as most women suspected the worst and gave the innocent pagan the suspicion that this man could be an axe murderer. So the pillow lady gives them both 2 chairs to sit in on the opposite side of the fire. Towards dawn a girl who is 6 foot and resembles Charlize Theron and her friend came to warm up by the fire.

Then the pillow lady, Charlize and a couple friends her age, and Garvald set out to see the sun rise over the trees in the valley by the bridge. Garvald was audtioning Charlize for his evolving screen play "Schwagatopia". She sang very beautifully and appeared to be an up and coming undiscovered talent with portfolio, intelligence, sense of humor, and acting ability. Garvald climbs the cliff with the "kids" and they see the deep cave hidden from the beach by the trees. Garvald asks her to start singing as her beautiful voice penetrates all of Schwagdom!

Now it is Monday and he is driving back to civilization where his cell phone might work. He gets a phone call from Muffy and she thinks he fooled around so it's over! Was it worth staying the extra day, Shwaggers?? Garvald thinks it is well worth having another day in paradise!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Is there an artist out there who can do a good picture of King George "The Chicken Hearted" in a crusader outfit??

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

George W. Bush and the Crusades
By Alan Woods
On the eve of the war in Iraq, George W. Bush talked about a "crusade". He was obviously quite pleased with himself for having thought of such a catchy phrase. But he was quickly silenced by his advisers, who pointed out to him that the word "crusade" has very unfortunate associations for the Moslem world. After that, the word was quietly dropped from his vocabulary.
The reason why the word crusade has such negative associations in the East is not generally appreciated in the West, because very few people have taken the trouble to study the crusades. For most people - including the present occupant of the White House - they were something one vaguely remembers from the movies, where they are presented in a glamorous and romantic light, as the highest expression of Christian chivalry. The reality was rather different.
What were the Crusades?
The Middle Ages, as Marx pointed out, were accompanied by a "brutal display of vigour". The art of war was transformed by the development of heavily armed cavalry that was able to stage a devastating charge on the field of battle. This was the real origin of the word "chivalry", which means simply cavalry. All this was the product of a military society in which fighting was the main activity of the aristocracy. Violence was the essential ingredient in this world. The feudal nobility had two aims in life - to be a good fighter and to breed a lot of children. Essentially these aims coincided with those of a stud bull and their level of intelligence was frequently not much greater.
However, no ruling class likes to be remembered for its criminal activities, but rather wishes posterity to judge it by what it thinks about itself. Hence it spun an elaborate mythology about its innate sense of honour and justice - the essence of chivalry. In reality, of course, these were just for decorative purposes. The true brutal face of Christian Europe was seen in the bloodthirsty escapades known as the Crusades - the terrible wars between Europe and Islam that continued for 100 years.
In 1076 the Seljuk Turks conquered Jerusalem. This was a severe shock to the Church, which in the 11th century completely dominated European society at every level. In every village the church was the largest building, with its terrifying pictures of hell and damnation. The true believers who accepted the Church's message would go to heaven but the unbelievers would be cast into the pit of hell there to suffer eternal torments at the hands of demons. It was a picture of the world that men and women fervently believed.
In 1095 Pope Urban II incited a crowd of thousands to abandon everything and go to free Jerusalem from the "infidels". In return they were promised salvation in the next life. A mass of common people responded to the call and flocked to the banners of the First Crusade, inspired by the vision of the New Jerusalem. Their battle cry rang out in every village and town square: "Deus lo volt!" - "God wills it!" The Church whipped up religious fanaticism by alleging that the Holy Places were in danger. This was completely untrue.
The places that were holy to the Christians were also holy to the Moslems, who had occupied them since 638. Unlike the Christians, who were utterly intolerant towards other religious beliefs, the Moslems generally tolerated the Christians and other faiths, as long as they paid their taxes and did not cause trouble. Mohammed, it is true, said: "When ye encounter infidels strike off their heads" - but the same Mohammed also said: "Deal calmly with the infidels, leave them awhile in peace." He was referring to the Christians, whom he regarded as "people of the Book" and therefore "nearest in affection to believers". It was the unprovoked and violent aggression of Christian Europe that provoked a backlash from the Moslems.
Religious fanaticism played a central role in the bloody conflict between Europe and the Moslem world. There were, however, more mundane considerations, such as the prospect of loot and pillage. Nor were the aims of those who had organised the adventure of an exclusively sacred character. The Christian knights, as always, wanted an excuse to kill people, and if it would guarantee salvation for their multiple sins, then so much the better. The Church was generally glad to see the back of these unruly elements. In addition, the crusades considerably boosted its prestige and authority.
The merchants were even more interested in the success of this venture. The Turks now controlled the lucrative trade routes to the East, like the famous Silk Road. The most Christian merchants of Venice, Genoa and other European ports were completely shut out, and they wanted to get a share of the action. The crusades were their best chance to do this, moreover under the banner of the Almighty. This was an opportunity not to be missed.
As for the rabble that flocked to the banner of the crusades from every village and hamlet, it gave them a chance to escape from the drudgery of feudal service and see the world. Every kind of criminal element was attracted by the promise of loot, murder and rape. They were told by the Church that by pursuing their usual activities they could actually save their soul (a considerable bonus, when all is said and done) - just as long as the victims were infidels.
In the words of Saint Bernard - a key figure in the establishment of the religious-military Orders - killing for Christ was malecide not homicide, the extermination of injustice, rather than of the unjust and therefore desirable. In fact, "to kill a pagan is to win glory, for it gives glory to Christ." The crusaders took him at his word. In fact, some of the crusaders were not even much worried about the religion of those they attacked, as Desmond Seward points out:
"Many Franks had been sent on the crusade as penance for atrocious offences such as rape and murder and reverted to their unpleasant habits. Pilgrims were a natural prey, though one of the principal objects of the crusade had been to make the Holy Places safe for them." (D. Seward. The Monks of War, p. 33.)
The Crusades and the Jews
The First Crusade - like the ones that followed - presents an unholy picture of indiscriminate slaughter, rape and pillage. The crusaders everywhere left a trail of destruction and chaos in their path, like an army of ravenous locusts devouring the land everywhere they alight. Their particular speciality was pogroms against the Jews, but they generally spared very few of those who got in their way. Some of the comments of the crusaders about the Jews have been preserved, and serve to reveal their mentality:
"We have set out to march a long way to fight the enemies of God in the East, and behold, before our very eyes are his worst foes, the Jews. They must be dealt with first." And again: "You are the descendants of those who killed and hanged our God. Moreover [God] himself said: 'The day will yet dawn when my children will come and avenge my blood.' We are his children and it is our task to carry out his vengeance upon you, for you showed yourselves obstinate and blasphemous towards him ... [God] has abandoned you and has turned his radiance towards us and has made us his own." (N. Cohn, The Pursuit of the Millennium, p. 70.)
The Jewish population of the trading cities of the Rhine and Moselle were under the protection of the Emperor and the Bishops, but that did not save many of them, as the following account shows:
"At the beginning of May, 1096, crusaders outside Speyer planned to attack the Jews in their synagogue on the Sabbath. In this they were foiled and they were able to kill only a dozen Jews in the streets. The Bishop lodged the rest in his castle and had some of the murderers punished. At Worms the Jews were less fortunate. Here too they turned for help to the Bishop and the well-to-do burghers, but these were unable to protect them when men from the People's Crusade arrived and led the townsfolk in an attack on the Jewish quarter. The synagogue was sacked, houses were looted and all their adult occupants who refused baptism were killed. As for the children, some were killed, others taken away to be baptised and brought up as Christians. Some Jews had taken shelter in the Bishop's castle and when that too was attacked the Bishop offered to baptise them and so save their lives; but the entire community preferred to commit suicide. In all, some eight thousand Jews are said to have perished at Worms." (N. Cohn, The Pursuit of the Millennium, p. 69.)
Similar scenes were repeated in Verdun, Treves, Mainz, Trier, Cologne, Metz and other cities. Desperate Jews threw their wealth, their families and themselves into the flames or the rivers to escape the wrath of the mob. The Jews of Cologne went into hiding in the neighbouring villages but they were discovered by the crusaders and massacred in hundreds. All the Jews of Metz were killed. In all, several thousands perished.
This established a pattern that was repeated at the start of every other crusade. In every case the crusades were the signal for a massacre of the Jews.
The crusaders in Jerusalem
But all these atrocities against the Jews paled into insignificance when compared to what happened when the crusaders finally entered Jerusalem in July 1099. This terrible chapter is a blot on human history. It appalled the whole Moslem world and is forever engraved on its memory. Fired by a murderous bloodlust the Crusaders went on an orgy of slaughter that spared neither women nor children. The majority of the population of the city - some 70,000 souls - were butchered in a holocaust that raged for three days. The devout crusaders wept as they prayed, barefoot, at the Holy Sepulchre, before returning to the slaughter: "Our men", wrote one Christian chronicler, "followed [the fleeing people] and pursued them to the Temple of Solomon and they were up to their ankles in Moslem blood."
The celebrated English historian Edward Gibbon writes: "In the pillage of public and private wealth the adventurers had agreed to respect the exclusive property of the first occupant; and the spoils of the great mosque, seventy lamps and massy vases of gold and silver, rewarded the diligence, and displayed the generosity of Tancred. A bloody sacrifice was offered by his mistaken votaries of the God of the Christians: resistance might provoke, but neither age nor sex could mollify, their implacable rage: they indulged themselves three days in a promiscuous massacre, and the infection of the dead bodies produced an epidemical disease. After seventy thousand Moslems had been put to the sword and the harmless Jews burnt in their synagogue, they could still reserve a multitude of captives whom interest or lassitude persuaded them to spare." (E. Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, vol. 6, p. 84.)
The savagery of the crusaders against the "infidels" exceeded all natural bounds. In one siege they roasted Moslem prisoners, including children, on spits and devoured them. Stories like this have often been told in wartime to blacken the name of enemies. But this one happens to be true. And the Pope of Rome blessed this slaughter of the innocents and granted a full pardon to those who perpetrated it.
The religious-military Orders
This movement, driven by religious fanaticism, nevertheless had a definite economic basis. The rapid growth of population in Europe meant that there were a large number of landless younger sons of the nobility in every country. These led armies of murderers and thieves under the banner of the Cross. The real intentions of the new crusaders were exposed by the fact that they immediately directed their attentions not to the places where the holy sites were situated but to the north where the Silk Route was.
The real aims of the invaders were shown by the fact that the Frankish knights built a network of ports for trade in the conquered cities - Antioch, Tripoli and so on. Jerusalem itself was an important trading centre. In the Bible, Jesus Christ expelled the moneychangers from the Temple of Jerusalem, but the Christian crusaders immediately reinstalled them. The conquered lands instantly became an irresistible magnet for all manner of adventurers from the slums and prisons of Europe. They came, not to spread the Word of the Lord but to grab the lands that belonged to the Moslems:
"The 'Franks' put their trust in sea power and fortresses. Genoese, Pisan and Venetian fleets soon controlled the sea, eager for commerce as the lure of spices, rice and sugar cane, of ostrich plumes from Africa and furs from Russia, of carpets from Persia, of inlaid metal work from Damascus, of silks and of muslin from Mosul and of countless other luxuries, attracted the merchants who settled in the coastal towns." (D. Seward. The Monks of War, p. 30.)
Here they built a line of fortresses, manned by the Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitalers. These were organizations of religious zealots, sworn to defend the Christian faith to the death. They were a mixture of monasticism and militarism, combining the strict discipline and austerity of monks with the warlike mentality of robber barons.
Religious-military Orders, like the Templars and Hospitalers, were founded in the 12th century. With their terrifying mixture of religious fanaticism and brutality they constituted the storm troopers of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. The Pope granted them considerable privileges, including exemption from the payment of the tithe. They ended up a church within the church and a state within the state. Eventually they had to be repressed, and the last Templar Grand Master was burnt alive on a slow fire for heresy.
The activities of these military religious orders were characterised by violent aggression and extreme savagery, to the point of exterminating whole peoples. Thus, the ancient Prussians (originally Bo-Russians), a Slav people living on the shores of the Baltic, were exterminated by the Teutonic Order in order to clear the area for German settlement - an early example of the policy of what Hitler described as the search for "Lebensraum" (living space). These were also considered to be crusades. The terrible forest campaigns of the Teutonic Order against the Lithuanians have been described as the most ferocious wars of the Middle Ages. Eisenstein, the great Soviet film director, took the subject of his masterpiece Alexander Nevsky from the bloody defeat of the Teutonic knights at the battle on ice at Lake Peipus in 1242.
Desmond Seward comments: "In theory they [the Orders] were a protection against the infidel, in practice merciless aggressors. The Teutonic Order's deliberate liquidation of the Prussian race is sufficient testimony; as a chaplain chronicler proudly recorded 'they drove them forth so that not one remained who would not bow his neck to the Yoke of Faith - this with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ who is blessed for ever and ever'." (D. Seward, The Monks of War, p. 21.)
Economic interests
How history repeats itself! Similar sentiments could be expressed by George W. Bush and his band of Neo Conservative religious Right Republican fanatics. But just as in the 21st century the religious verbiage conceals very real material interests, so it was in the Middle Ages. The motives of the crusaders - including the Orders - were not so pure as one might think. The heady wine of religious fanaticism was mixed with a reasonable quantity of economic self-interest. For example, the Templars became successful bankers, anticipating the great Italian banking houses of the later Middle Ages:
"The Templars became professional bankers; all monies collected for the Holy Land were conveyed by them from their European preceptories to the temple at Jerusalem, while pilgrims and even Moslem merchants deposited their cash at the local temple. Brethren needed money for arms and equipment, to build fortresses, to hire mercenaries, and to buy off enemies, so the funds in their strong-rooms could not be allowed to lie idle; the Church's embargo on usury was circumvented by adding the interest to the sum due for repayment and Arab specialists were employed for dealings in the money markets of Baghdad and Cairo while an excellent service of bills of exchange was provided." (D. Seward, Op. cit., 50.)
They also engaged in trade and tourism: "Both Templars and Hospitalers found it cheaper to transport troops in their own ships, and passages were available to pilgrims; at one time the Templars conveyed 6,000 pilgrims each year. Their boats were popular, for they maintained a flotilla of escort ships and could be trusted not to sell their passengers into slavery at Moslem ports, as did certain Italian merchants. It was natural to use empty space for merchandise so they exported spices, silk, dyes, porcelain and glass, taking full advantage of their exemption from customs dues, and soon rivalled the Levantine traders who banked with them." (ibid.)
These Orders, originally motivated by religious fanaticism, later acquired very real material interests. They had access to colossal wealth from the plunder of what was really the first European colony. And the colonial masters lived like kings.
"Many lords preferred to retire to some luxurious villa on the coast, while the brethren had the money and men to run the vast Syrian fortresses and also to solve such irksome problems as finding husbands for heiresses or furnishing wards with guardians. Donations and recruits poured in from Europe in a steady flow." (ibid., p. 49.)
The "Monks of War" defended their interests with a formidable fighting machine, led by able commanders. Their religious beliefs did not prevent them from slaughtering infidels wherever they went. Rather they regarded it as a religious duty. But through their cruelty they managed to unite all Arabs against them. This great task was achieved by one of the most remarkable military commanders in the history of the Middle East, Salah ad-Din Yusif ibn Ayub, better known to us as Saladin.
In striking contrast to the Christian bandits, real chivalry was to be found among the Saracen "infidels" like the Moslem leader Saladin. He was a natural warrior, unequalled in his knowledge of the arts of war at that time. He was also brave, loyal and generous. Born a Kurd, when the Kurds were looked down upon by Arabs, he had risen from the ranks and became one of the Sultan's most trusted guards. Saladin knew both how to capture a city and also how to hold onto it.
When Nur-al-Din died, he was succeeded by his Kurdish general, Shirkuh. But the latter soon died, apparently from over-eating, and his place was taken by his nephew, Saladin, who became Vizir. This remarkable man was a mystic and an ascetic who fasted, slept on a rough mat and gave alms to the poor ceaselessly. His inquiring mind decided that there was much good in Christianity, and he won respect even from his crusader enemies.
Saladin united all the Arab states - a great achievement - and created the most formidable fighting force in the world. He became king of Egypt and Syria in 1176 with the blessing of the Caliph of Baghdad. He organised a jihad against the invaders and showed himself to be a brilliant military tactician, forcing the Franks to fight on his terms, at a time and place of his choosing.
In complete contrast, the moral character of the Frankish leaders may be seen by the conduct of a man called Reynault. This truly Christian knight had tortured a priest to death by the procedure of cutting numerous wounds in his head, then smearing these with honey and leaving the rest to the insects. This gangster was defeated by Saladin in a famous battle in July 1187 by guerrilla tactics. The Franks were lured into the desert, where they were tormented by the heat and worn down by the weight of their armour. Then they were harassed by the archers of Saladin, who showered them with arrows and then disappeared, avoiding direct battle.
The Franks had no water and were exhausted. Saladin's men set fire to the dry grass, which gave rise to thick clouds of choking smoke. With the terrifying sound of drums and pipes adding to the psychological pressure, the Saracens first shot arrows through the smoke screen to kill the enemy's horses, then charged. The Crusaders were routed. After the battle there were so many slaves that one could be bought for the price of a pair of shoes. Saladin distinguished between the ordinary soldiers and the Knights Templar - all of the latter were put to the sword without mercy.
The battle of Hattin effectively marked the end of crusader rule. Saladin's forces surrounded Jerusalem and captured it. But unlike the Crusaders, who butchered all the Moslems and Jews they could find when they took the city, he showed himself graceful in victory. He forbade his men to take revenge or to kill people. Not a single church was destroyed. Saladin personally participated in the cleansing of the mosque that the Christians had desecrated and was in a filthy condition. The defeated were offered the chance to pay a ransom to go free. Those who could not pay were sold as slaves, but at least they were not killed.
Richard and Saladin
Europe was stunned. When the Pope heard the news he is said to have died of shock. But Saladin made one mistake. He allowed the city of Tyre to hold out and thus allowed the Christians to reinforce it by sea and preserve a foothold. Acre was besieged and all Europe was mobilised for war against the Arabs in the Third Crusade. Frederick Barbarossa, the Emperor of the Romans as he styled himself, raised the first army, but he drowned off the coast of Sicily. He was soon followed by others, including Richard the First of England, known to history by the name "Coeur de Leon" (Lionheart). This reminds us of what Trotsky wrote about the tsarist general Kornilov - "the heart of a lion and the brain of a sheep". Probably Richard was of a similar type.
Like many of his contemporaries, Richard "took the cross" and departed for the Holy Land - about 2,500 miles from home - to spread the message of Christianity with fire and sword. He was undoubtedly a good soldier, disciplined and brave. His armies were paid for by the sale of dukedoms and other possessions. It was reputed to be the best disciplined force in Europe. Its heavily armoured knights were capable of launching a murderous charge. The crossbow was a deadly new addition to its weaponry. In fact, it was considered to be such a wicked and inhuman weapon that the Pope had banned it - except, of course, for the purpose of killing "infidels".
This was said to be the most professional army to go to Jerusalem. One difference was that they travelled by ship - which the rabble could not afford and therefore there were considerably less undesirable camp followers. But like all medieval armies, this force was motivated by the greed for loot and money. Yet again, the Crusaders went on the rampage in Lisbon, burning, killing and raping. The same performance was repeated in Marseilles, Sicily and Cyprus. Probably they were just practicing and getting in the right mood for massacring Moslems upon arrival in the Holy Land.
This was indeed a clash between two civilizations (if we can consider medieval Europe to qualify for this title). Saladin, who was a fair and magnanimous person, admired the Franks (as all Crusaders were known among the Arabs) for their bravery, but he actually regarded them as barbarians and animals. He was not far wrong. In fact, Christian Europe at that time was the most backward and barbarous fringe of the civilized world, and barely qualified for inclusion in it. On the other hand, Islamic civilization was at its peak.
The Arabs were on a far higher plane to Europe, culturally, scientifically, intellectually and, in many ways, militarily. For example, the Europeans marvelled at the metalworking that produced the wonderful Saracen swords. They were made of steel that was better, harder and sharper than anything Europe could produce. There was nothing in Europe to compare with the centres of learning of Toledo, Granada and Cordoba. They were destroyed, along with the Arabs' irrigation system, by the Spanish Reconquista that threw back the South of Spain for centuries.
In 1191 the barbarian horde from Europe arrived under the walls of Acre. They depended on weight and sheer brute force to win battles. At first Richard's forces drove all before them. Acre fell after a siege of eleven months. 3,000 Moslem prisoners were taken. When Saladin did not pay up with sufficient alacrity, they were slaughtered - men, women and children. The butchery lasted all day until the last one was dead. Saladin attempted to launch a rescue operation but failed. The Moslems were appalled by this wanton cruelty, which was foreign to their culture and military practice.
Saladin used intelligence and guerrilla tactics that suited his light cavalry. His method was to avoid a pitched battle and harass the enemy by skirmishes, ambushes and arrows. At the battle of Arsuf Christians and Moslems were locked in a deadly struggle. The Christian knights now had a new weapon - the heavy cavalry that swept all before it in a terrifying charge. Saladin's light cavalry was no match for these heavily armed monsters. His light cavalry attacked the Crusaders again and again, but Richard's line of infantry held firm. Then just as the line began to break, he launched a full charge. The effect was devastating. The Arabs nevertheless managed to regroup and counterattack, but the Crusaders still held firm and attacked in turn. Saladin was beaten, but enabled his forces to retreat in good order.
Despite the setback, Saladin attacked Jaffa and almost took it. The following detail reveals Saladin's chivalrous and generous character. When Richard lost his horse during the battle, Saladin sent him a fresh horse to enable him to fight on. In the end, however, Saladin was forced to withdraw and sign a peace treaty. Richard was left in possession of a hundred mile strip of coast from Acre to Jaffa. But in fact Saladin had won his main objective: Jerusalem was safe.
Richard was treated much better by Saladin than he would be by his fellow Christians. On the way home from the Holy Land he was imprisoned by Leopold of Austria and held for ransom for 15 months. This proves the old saying that there is no honour among thieves. He eventually returned to England on payment of 150,000 marks - a vast sum that was equal to one quarter of the revenues of his subjects. This nearly bankrupted England, but his loyal subjects did not get value for their money, since he was killed in 1199 by a crossbow bolt. As a good Frenchman, he ordered that his body be divided up, his entrails going to Poitou, his heart to Rouen, his body to Rome, and nothing to England! As for Saladin, he desired to go to Mecca but before he could do so he caught a fever and died. His body was buried in a tomb in Damascus.

Excuse me for interrupting, Alan, but I wonder if our readers could imagine King George the Second on a horse leading a charge against the infidels in his costume with the red cross of Jesus on the front. At least King Richard was in the front lines and put his money where his mouth was. I would at least have more respect for how much he wanted to invade Iraq and avenge his father's embarassment, Saddam! Instead, he intentionally forgot about Osama who is a "son" of his wealthy Saudi friends, the Bin Ladens. The Saudi Prince Bandar is almost a member of the Bush family! I would also have more respect for his passion to invade without UN approval, if he actually put his "White House" in the center of Bagdad.
King George was to afraid to go to war or even too much a "fortunate son" to avoid going to war. Unlike King Richard the Lion Heart, George is a chicken heart and grew up to be a chicken hawk. Okay back to Constantinople!

The Sack of Constantinople
To trace the whole history of the crusades would be a long and tedious business. Essentially, the same sorry picture was repeated every time. Not much can be learned from the telling of it. But there is one episode that must not be overlooked. The whole purpose of the crusades was supposed to be to defend Christendom from the Moslem threat. Specifically, the Western Church was supposed to come to the aid of the Byzantine Empire, which was being hard pressed by the Seljuk Turks. But when the crusaders eventually came to Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade it was as conquerors not saviours.
This was the formative period of capitalism in Italy, in which Venice, the great trading power of the eastern Mediterranean, played a leading role. The Venetian merchant princes were in the process of displacing Byzantium as the major power in the East, taking advantage of the advance of the Turks and the constant internal strife that rent Constantinople and sapped its strength. When Pope Innocent III launched the Fourth Crusade in 1204, the Venetians saw their chance.
The blind but cunning Doge of Venice, Enrico Dandolo, persuaded the crusaders to participate in an intrigue to install the pretender Alexius Angelus on the throne of Constantinople. Alexius was foolish enough to make extravagant promises to the crusaders, which he was unable to keep. The avarice of the crusaders was excited by the sight of the colossal wealth of Constantinople - a Christian city, though of the Orthodox, not Catholic, faith.
On April 12th the crusaders stormed Constantinople. For three days they plundered it, causing terrible devastation. Even priests joined in the orgy of looting, murder and destruction that culminated in the desecration of Hagia Sophia - the greatest church in Christendom - where a drunken prostitute was seated on the throne of the patriarch. Then the conquerors elected a French Emperor and a Venetian patriarch, carving out baronies and duchies for themselves. This was far easier than fighting the Saracens! In this way the most Christian armies of Europe destroyed the Third Rome. Byzantium, never really recovered from this terrible blow, though it eventually succeeded in driving out the crusader barbarians. It finally fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.
The Pope of Rome played a disgraceful and hypocritical role in all this. On the one hand he protested his horror and exclaimed that he could not blame the Greeks (of Constantinople) for hating the Latins whom they knew to be treacherous dogs. But on the other hand, he did not lift a finger to reinstate the rightful patriarch but instead confirmed the Latin usurper and the pseudo-Emperor. The Orthodox Church was persecuted and its monks evicted from their monasteries to make room for the Cistercians and their military Orders.
The rape of Constantinople tells us all we need to know about the religious content of the glorious crusades. An even crueller and bloodier crusade was waged against the Christians of Southern France in the Albigensian crusade against the Cathars. That destroyed the flourishing Proven├žal culture that was a shining light in the darkness of medieval Europe. The same methods that had been perfected in the Middle East were used here and later against the great Moslem civilization of southern Spain, destroyed by the Christian Reconquista.
The crusades of George W. Bush
The crusades of the Middle Ages were among the darkest pages of human history. There is not a single positive word one can say about them. Not, that is, unless your name is George W. Bush. Of course, the US President actually knows very little about the real history of the crusades, just as he knows very little about history in general, or anything else, for that matter.
We live in the first decade of the 21st century. It is a very exciting period in human history in many ways. Science and technology have advanced to unheard-of heights. Many of the most important advances have been made in the USA. And yet in other respects human consciousness is lagging far behind the advances of the productive forces, science and technique.
In the USA today most people believe in God and the devil. Millions are convinced that the first Book of Genesis - and the rest of the Bible - is literally true. They demand that children in American schools should be taught that God created the world in six days, and that the first woman was made out of Adam's rib. The first American to circle the world in a space ship, when asked to deliver a message to the people of the world, out of the whole of world literature, chose - the Book of Genesis.
This contradiction between the colossal advances of science and the extreme backwardness of human consciousness is a dialectical contradiction. Nowhere is this contradiction so obvious as in the mentality of the right wing Republican Neo-Conservative clique that is now firmly installed in the White House. If we were able to open the head of George Bush and look into the workings of his brain, we would see there all the accumulated rubbish, prejudices and superstitions of the last thousand years.
The mentality of those ladies and gentlemen who stand at the head of the world's most powerful and advanced country is not fundamentally different to the primitive psychology of the Middle Ages. They are steeped in religion, in its crudest and most primitive forms. They talk about the world in terms that could easily have been used by the crusaders: the "axis of Evil" and so on. They betray all the psychological traits of religious fanatics like Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. The only difference, as they will immediately protest, is that they are right, whereas those who hold contrary views are wrong (Bin Laden also thinks the same).
Religious fanatics are always potentially dangerous people, especially when they have weapons in their hands. And George Bush has more weapons than most. He has just killed a lot of people in Iraq - men, women and children- in an unjust and unnecessary war. In these activities he has been enthusiastically supported by another religious fanatic, Tony Blair, who has recently announced that he is prepared to "meet his Maker" with a clear conscience after the war in Iraq.
In the same way the medieval crusaders who waded up to their ankles in blood did so with a clear conscience, absolutely convinced that they were doing the Lord's work. Morally, there is not a lot to choose between the two, except that the crusaders of old used to do their own dirty work, while Bush and Blair merely order others to do it for them.
Religion here serves as a useful fig-leaf to hide the real purpose of war. Just as the crusaders' religious zeal was the cover for other, baser motives, the real aims are disguised by all manner of hypocritical "moral" and even "humanitarian" considerations.
It is not true, as some people have argued, that the war in Iraq is a "conflict of cultures". Millions of people in the West actively opposed the war, and still do. These are the natural allies of the people of Iraq, not their enemies. On the other hand, it would be foolish to believe that Bush and Blair invaded Iraq because of a difference about religion. They had other things in mind!
The crusaders went to the Holy Land with the cross on their banner. But they soon got down to the serious business of filling their pockets, plundering cities, seizing lands and profitable trade routes. And our modern crusaders went to Iraq shouting loudly about freedom, peace and democracy, but made sure that they immediately got their hands on the oil. It is necessary to distinguish between shadow and substance!
From a moral point of view there is little to choose between the barbarism of the Middle Ages and that of our own epoch. The main difference is that the destructive power of modern armies is infinitely greater than that of the Middle Ages.
It is necessary to fight against barbarism, for a new world in which the madness and superstition we have inherited from the Middle Ages - and an even remoter past - will forever be consigned to the rubbish heap of history. The lag in consciousness will be overcome by the march of events - stormy events that will shake the psychology of the masses and bring about sudden and drastic changes. The old ideas and prejudices will not survive. The way will be prepared for a new world and a new way of thinking and acting that is worthy of real human beings.
London, May 8, 2003.
See also:
The world after the war in Iraq. By Alan Woods (May 6, 2003)
Iraq: The Fallujah massacre. By Alan Woods (April 30, 2003).
Uprisings and betrayals: a brief history of the left in Iraq By Felix Zorba and Roberto Sarti (April 29, 2003)
Iraqi museums, art and the values of the market place - Capitalism: a threat to culture By Alan Woods
The "civilising" effects of imperialist aggression on Iraq By Fred Weston (April 14, 2003)
Vandals of the 21st century. By Alan Woods (April 10, 2003)
What is to be done?- The current situation and the tasks of the Marxists. By Alan Woods (April 3, 2003).

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WInner of King George the Second in his crusader outfit wins a free subscription to the Okie Zone magazine when it starts coming out in a newstand near you!
(Muffy rolls her eyes)

Jack passed me the bong.....

I had a fantastic time in the land of schwag.
In visiting with fellow schwagers, we are discovering collective consciousness. Another friend and I conversed about the whole collective thought of “Rainbow Gatherings”. I was even more inspired to continue with the writing, realizing, my stream of consciousness could be like James Joyce or Jack Kerouac "passing the bong of conciousness"

(Muffy is now rolling her eyes at this insanity
while the Bohemian family that has befriended me, supports this creative outlet)
(Now she wonders who is this family??
And he tells her’
“Its none of your business”)
"no worries, mate ...u ain't my boss :)"

I am looking for what spewed out of Jack Kerouac when he was in his most creative 21 days, moving from one cup of Java to another in “greasy spoons” throughout the country.

Garvald will do the same in his own Garvaldian style meeting other schwagers and schwagstocks,
moving from one bong to another bong,
as he meets these tribes offering the peace pipe of love , harmony, postive vibes, tunes and acceptance...

the state we all can achieve if we let it happen .... (to be continued...take a cup of J or a hit of the bong..ur choice)

excerpt from "Star Trek":

"Picard refuses to co-operate, and the Borg forcibly assimilate him. But unlike other drones, he is given a distinct identity LOCUTUS OF BORG. Locutus provides the Borg with a single voice and a representitive that other races can deal with.Despite the Borg`s best efforts, part of Picard`s distinct individulity remains intact deep inside Locutus. When Data gains access to his mind. Picard is able to tell him how to access the Borg`s collective conciousness and stop the attack on Earth."


(see comment box for full story on Borg's lack of individuality -a trait of conforming Republican sheep. Baah, baah, Bush!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Last weekend of summer in the land of Schwagatopia

I took a camera from Walgreens and filled it up with pics. I'd like to let every one see these pics if I can figure out how to post them. I love this place so much and want to tell my favorite readers all about it and the pristine wilderness, especially this creek that was once a raging river by the looks of the geology along the banks many thousands of years ago.
Imagine living in this land before civilization came! Imagine only native Americans who knew how to treat the land and the animals with respect, thrived here and apreciated the beauty of these places that were all over this country.

It is sad with this "Republican" fundamentalist god how humans should take over this "spaceship earth" and how it is wrong to really care about the environment(for fear of being called a "wacko environmentalist"). It is so important that all you "Schwaggers" get registered to vote or even this utopic environment will be taken away under the guise of national security. Fundamental Puritans who do not want others to have fun and enjoy the beauty of a place will close this place down and put up a parking lot, a super Walmart and a McDonalds. It is so nice to walk around with out cars and vehicles that destroy the country and people more than any war!
(to be continued)

Friday, September 17, 2004

Off to Schwagatopia!!

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

Just had a bone crack this Am at the KC chiropractic college. Adam's my new bone breaker and helps my back feel a lot better, but just wish that I didn't forget my muscle relaxants along with the "Jesus" and "Joyce" DVDs. Im trying to hurry and write this before Muffy comes back and catches me in the act with the "peace pipe" putting myself into the Swhagatopic mood that Im so looking forward to.
But so sweet to be with the Muffster when she's in a good mood :)...sometimes it's fun to leave little love notes for your lover to find...shit...better not go there...

Imagine that Bubba non and my 5 other readers might be curious but Muff will only be angry...maybe...

Hope some of the Okies saw this ad for this last summer party! Dam, maybe I can score some...but just better be always aware of where my bloody keys are! Maybe I should borrow the copy and only take that and leave the big set in the car...or just hidden somewhere underneath the...shit what am i telling the audience out there for??
Buffy has lent me some medicine...but I know that there is no free lunch...

Fun to have a long time of self discovery but no major medical to stave off the health worries of my back and my aging hurtling towards emptiness (?) or?....
the dream I had yesterday am before being woken at 9 like I asked her to, (call).

Mom and Dad were sitting either outside or there was a large glass and a small lake and a large backyard with many flowers and blooming trees...
This was my brothers Mansion except (his real one doesnt look at all like this)
I was looking for my swim trunks when everyone was staring at me naked and I was just relaxed and telling everyone that Im trying to find my black trunks!
Then Im chasing after my brother in a car and then I cant anymore because the have the bloody blocked off!

What shrinks out there can help me with or just say that I have narcissistic delusions of grandeur or just feeling naked to the whole world??

(to be continued)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

George W. was born in New Haven Connecticut, July 6, 1946, a fact not mentioned on his Official White House bio.

It's funny how the Bush family likes to act like its from Texas. They love to get the Bubba and Nascar vote with George w. putting on his affected accent like he's a good ole boy emphasizing his lies like he has no concience. I guess I was the only non-Republican in the audience to see how fake he was in Lee's Summitt. Cannot anyone else see how fake and superficial they all are?
He knows just like I do from living in Oklahoma for 24 years how much "Picante Sauce" animosity there is to Yankees from "good ole boys" in the south! George jr. realiz

For more about the Binladen-Bush connection check out this site:

Besides making money for The Family, selling arms to Russia and China serves another purpose.
Their increased weapons capability will recreate “cold war” enemies.
This will engender an atmosphere of fear and crisis, which will give The Family a platform from which to further increase control, intimidation and manipulation.
This fearful atmosphere will also focus our attention on The Family leaders to “keep us safe”.
This not only maintains their control, but also offers many opportunities for them to implement more legislation and emergency Executive Orders for “our protection”.
These espionage, treason and security laws further erode our rights by transfering power from the people to the government.

So, madness it is, but it seems our “elected” Family, currently operating their business out of their new exclusive address, is trying to portray China and Russia as powerful enemies whilst courting them as business partners to sell weapons to that would then increase their threat to us.

What kind of MIND WARP PSY OP is that???

By the way, did anyone notice that Bush, Sr. just happened to be in China when the “spy plane went down”? What a convenient delivery system of our technology to the Red Chinese. Perhaps our old friend was there to insure a smooth delivery and discuss future arms and technology transfers. Or perhaps it was to discuss his lucrative global drug trade.

Come on everyone! How much information will it take to arrest Bush or at least impeach him?

Osama Bin Laden's Bush Family
Business Connections

Osama Bin Laden's Bush family business connections, alliance with Pakistan, will stimulate drug trade, bring revenues under U.S. control — Colombian opium production will soar. The Taliban's biggest economic attack on the U.S. came in February [2001] with the destruction of its opium crop — Michael C. Ruppert
[©2001, Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications. All Rights Reserved. May be reprinted and distributed for non-profit purposes only] — From the September 18, issue of From The Wilderness.

Money connections between Bush Republicans and Osama bin Laden go way back and the political and economic connections have remained unbroken for 20 years. And what appears to be a "new" alliance with Pakistan is merely a new manifestation of a decades-long partnership in the heroin trade. Conveniently ignored in all of the press coverage since the tragic events of Sept. 11 is the fact that on May 17 Secretary of State Colin Powell announced a gift of $43 million to the Taliban as a purported reward for its eradication of Afghanistan's opium crop this February. That, in effect, made the U.S. the Taliban's largest financial benefactor according to syndicated columnist Robert Scheer writing in The Los Angeles times on May 22. But — as we described in FTW's March 2001 issue — the Taliban's destruction of that crop was apparently the single most important act of economic warfare against U.S. economic interests that the Taliban had ever committed. So why the gift?

Critics of the Gulf War well recall how, just prior to Sadam's invasion of Kuwait, President Bush (Sr.) dispatched Ambassador April Glaspie to visit Sadam with a letter and a "wink and a nod" telling the Iraqi leader that it was OK to invade his smaller neighbor. The May gift from Uncle Sam could well have been sending the same kind of message, along with necessary funds to complete the attacks. Drugs and terrorism go hand in hand.

Until February, Afghanistan had been the world's largest producer of opium/heroin, claiming close to 70% of the world's total production. That opium, consumed largely in Western Europe and smuggled through the Balkans, was a direct source of cash deposits in Western financial institutions and markets. I specifically commented on this at an economic crisis conference in Moscow, Russia on March 7. In my formal statement to the Russian conference I said, "Just before coming to this conference I read in the Associated Press, Agence France Press and other reliable sources that the Taliban has recently eradicated most of its 3,000 ton opium crop in Afghanistan. If true, I view this as a form of economic warfare against Russia [and the U.S.] because it would drive opium production more into Southeast Asia and Colombia. However, I now suspect that this will result in a shift of opium production to the Caucasus under the Kurds which will see an increase in smuggling through Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. I should note that both Vice President Richard Cheney and the designated Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage are members of the US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce. Such a move would have the effect of drastically shortening smuggling routes and costs into Western Europe and of bypassing unstable areas of the Balkans.

I have received additional reports that Uzbekistan is now awash in the opium poppy and, as in the US with the CIA, that Russian military and intelligence agencies facilitate the trade as a means of protecting access to hard currency. The point here is not that the US it totally evil or the only country doing these things. But the US is far and away the most advanced nation when it comes to the use of such methods to achieve superiority. As [Russian economist Michael] Khazin has noted, the US and Britain and Germany started the conflict in Kosovo in 1999 to stave off a collapse of western markets following the Asian collapse of 1997-8. Now Colombia is a last-ditch effort to protect the US markets and European opposition is jeopardizing that plan."

The Taliban's actions this year severed the ruling military junta in Pakistan from its primary source of foreign revenues and made bin Laden and the Taliban completely expendable in the eyes of the Pakistani government. It also cut off billions of dollars in revenues that had been previously laundered through western banks and Russian financial institutions connected to them.

Now as US military action will replace the Taliban government and fresh crops will be planted in Afghanistan, the slack in cash flow will assuredly be replaced by dramatically increased opium production in Colombia; the revenues from that effort being needed to maintain the revenue streams into Wall Street. Prior to the WTC attacks, credible sources, including the U.S. government, the IMF, Le Monde and the U.S. Senate placed the amount of drug cash flowing into Wall Street and U.S. banks at around $250-$300 billion a year.

In that context, the real history of Osama bin Laden, as America's useful terrorist-du-jour reveals a long and continuous history, interwoven with the drug trade and the Bush family, of supporting conflicts that have benefited U.S. military and economic interests of bin Laden .

There are direct historical links between Osama bin Laden's business interests and those of the Bush family. On September 15 I received the following message from FTW subscriber, Professor John Metzger of Michigan State University:

"We should revisit the history of BCCI, a bank used by the legendary Palestinian terrorist known as Abu Nidal. BCCI was closely tied to American and Pakistan intelligence. Its clients included the Afghan rebels, and the father of Osama bin Laden. The father of bin Laden named Houston investment broker James R. Bath as his business representative in Texas, right after George W. Bush's father became CIA director in 1976. By 1977, Bath invested $50,000 into junior's first business, Arbusto Energy, while Osama bin Laden would soon become a CIA asset. George W. Bush's FBI director Robert Mueller was part of the Justice Department's questionable investigation of BCCI. (On BCCI, the bin Ladens, and the Bushes, see the books, The Outlaw Bank, A Full Service Bank, and Fortunate Son)." Further details of the business and financial relationships between the Bush and bin Laden family are found in Peter Brewton's 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush. BCCI, incidentally, was founded by a Pakistani."
Economics Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa has just completed a detailed history of bin Laden's career detailing his secret funding and logistical support to terrorist organizations beginning from his early CIA-supported roots in the 1980s as a "freedom fighter" through to the present day. Chossudovsky's compelling and well documented article, Who Is Osama Bin Laden? dated Sept 12, 2001 can be found on the Internet.

Bin Laden's role has not just been as a practitioner of terrorist acts but as a trainer and supplier of terrorist organizations around the world. Included in bin Laden's coterie are terrorist groups linked to the Balkans, Albania, the KLA (a U.S. ally), and rebel groups leading the insurrection against Russia in Chechnya.

As FTW described in 1998, and as confirmed by Chossudovsky, the key to understanding U.S. support of bin Laden is to grasp that he has always been controlled by a cutout, the Pakistani government and its intelligence service the ISI. In this manner there has been virtually no direct contact between bin Laden and the CIA. This has served the dual purpose of maintaining his apparent "purity" with his followers and providing plausible deniability for the CIA. The whole underlying pretext for this relationship evaporated with the Taliban's destruction of the opium crop in February.

Chossudovsky writes: "The history of the drug trade in Central Asia is intimately related to the CIA's covert operations. Prior to the Soviet-Afghan war, opium production in Afghanistan and Pakistan was directed to small regional markets. There was no local production of heroin. In this regard [Professor] Alfred McCoy's study confirms that within two years of the onslaught of the CIA operation in Afghanistan, 'the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands became the world's top heroin producer, supplying 60 per sent of the U.S. demand....

"With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, a new surge in opium production has unfolded. (According to UN estimates, the production of opium in Afghanistan in 1998-99 — coinciding with the build up of armed insurgencies in the former Soviet republics — reached a record high of 4,600 metric tons. Powerful business syndicates in the former Soviet Union allied with organized crime are competing for the strategic control over the heroin routes. "The ISI's extensive intelligence military-network was not dismantled in the wake of the Cold War. The CIA continued to support the Islamic "jihad" out of Pakistan..." "... The Golden Crescent drug trade was also being used to finance and equip the Bosnian Muslim Army (starting in the early 1990s) and he Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). In the last few months there is evidence that Mujhideen mercenaries are fighting in the ranks of the KLA-NLA terrorists in their assaults into Macedonia... "... With regard to Chechnya, the main rebel leaders Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab were trained and indoctrinated in CIA sponsored camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan... In this regard, the involvement of Pakistan's ISI and its radical Islamic proxies are actually calling the shots in this war. "Russia's main pipeline route transits through Chechnya and Dagestan. Despite Washington's perfunctory condemnation of Islamic terrorism, the indirect beneficiaries of the Chechen war are the Anglo-American oil conglomerates which are vying for control over oil resources and pipeline corridors out of the Caspian Sea basin." The oil and drug connections were the subject of FTW's story, The Bush-Cheney drug Empire in October, 2000. That story is online.

Both Bush and Cheney are oil men.George Bush, Sr. was Vice President and, by virtue of executive Order 12333, in charge of all U.S. intelligence and narcotics operations from 1981 through 1989. As President from 1989 through 1993, he continued and expanded his control in these areas. Thus, it was Bush (the elder) who directly nourished and nurtured bin Laden's evolution.

Dramatic Confirmation From Indian Government

The web site of the Indian Embassy in Washington contains dramatic confirmation for these positions. On September 4, 2000, B. Raman, Director of India's Institute for Topical Studies wrote an open letter to the U.S. Congress entitled Pakistan's Noriega's. That eight-page article exposed the depth of Pakistani government involvement in the drug trade. It may be viewed at:

The letter said, in part: "For more than a decade, the people of India have been living in a state of half-war and half-peace due to the depredations of a large number of terrorists, outrageously called jehadists, who have been trained, armed and funded and infiltrated into the State of Jammu & Kashmir and other parts of India by Pakistan in order to make the people of India and its security forces bleed in the name of religion.

"More people belonging to different religions — Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and others — have been killed in India by these mercenary-terrorists sponsored by the State of Pakistan than by any other terrorist groups anywhere else in the world..." "...Many other States have suffered and have been suffering due to the depredations of terrorists, made in and exported from Pakistan and the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan — [these include] Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Central Asian Republics, the Chechnya and Dagestan areas of Russia, the Xinjiang province of China, Bangladesh, the Arakan area of Burma and the southern Philippines..."

"After his [1993] removal, [as official head of Pakistani intelligence, trusted advisor to Pakistani leader Gen. Pervez Musharraf] Lt. Gen. Nasir traveled to Somalia, Chechnya, Dagestan, the Central Asian Republics, ...China, and the Southern Philippines as a preacher... and helped Islamic organizations, including the group which killed U.S. troops... in Somalia." "...It was he, who, during his tenure as the DG Director General] of the ISI... has entered into an agreement with the LTTE of Sri Lanka [which secured] LTTE's assistance in smuggling Afghanistan produced heroin in its ships to West Europe, the USA and Canada..." "...Another reason for the ISI's helping the LTTE, despite its anti-Muslim policies, was to use it for smuggling heroin to West Europe, the U.S. and Canada. During Zia-ul-Haq's regime in the 1980s, heroin had become a major source of extra revenue not only for the State of Pakistan, specially the ISI and Pakistan's nuclear and missile establishment, but also to many senior officers of the Pakistan Army, including [Musharraf et al]..." "The way Mr. Sharif before October 1999 and Gen. Musharraf since then have been using the heroin money to prevent the Pakistani economy from collapsing has not received due attention in the U.S. ..." "If one goes purely by economic indicators, Pakistan's must be in as bad a shape as that of Russia, or even worse, since Russia has been in receipt of, Western and IMF assistance..." "Where does the money come from?

From the smuggling of heroin to West Europe, the U.S. and Canada. The U.S. Government might have stopped economic assistance... from the taxpayers' money. But why should the Noriegas of Pakistan be worried when they get billions of dollars from the heroin sale in the U.S.?... " Vice President Dick Cheney's recent comment that the CIA needs to get in bed with "unsavory characters" is a joke. That's a bed that the CIA has never left. And it's a marriage vow that President Bush has just reaffirmed for all the world to see.

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