Wednesday, August 11, 2004


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I was doing my best to keep the borders of my home and stop them from coming in...I killed off a few but then slowly by eminent domain they took over my land and my home...they were all around and then I saw him give me the stare and he wasnt afraid to continue his eye contact...then just as I was about to open up a "can of whoopass" he calmly said in a heavy accent,
"Yu wan a peecture?? It weel last longer?"
So I in my amazement at his mano- eh m___o bravado, I said
"Hey Dood! Just wait there and I'll get my camera!"

When I came back, he had vanished without a trace!
all my belongings in my rooms had been infiltrated by dirty evidence of his survilistic instincts...only going for certain items but leaving such a trail as if to say he didnt care about my home and all the effort Ive spent saving my items....

Even the bastard in his poor newly acquired language he left a note for me in his own little defiant way!
(to be continued)

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