Friday, August 06, 2004

Wanna Picture???

After chatting with Bumpy's owner, I feel better about the establishment takin care of business. On a serious note, they could have prevented this fight from happening when I warned them that Bubba was on the warpath ...why do so many young testoterones get in the stare routine and get upset when u ask if they "wanna picture, it will last longer!"?


  1. You must be the biggest dumbass in the world. Haven't you figured out how to make these attacks stop YET? Jesus Christ, and your a fucking teacher. I sure am glad I went to private school.

  2. ur rich parent paid for you for u to go to a good Christian school where they teach you to cuss and say your savior's name in vain... get a life, Harry!

  3. Apparently, I have taught you a few things or at least opened up ur mind to another perspective ... you are too afraid to give yourself a pseudonym like Okey if you prefer, Harry? But Bubbas as yourself make my website come alive. You have responded more than anyone from i ur little ivory redneck tower!