Thursday, August 12, 2004

Transactional Analysis (Im ok, you're ok)

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overwhelmed with procrastination!

Ok...why don't u just do it?

You become afraid that you cant accomplish the task and so what is in the steps that you dont know how to do? OK, what steps are u afraid of?

Why cant u take the trip and go ahead and just sit back and even procrastinate about getting the sleep you need!

Garvald! You would have been so successful in so many endeavors and now you're old and have a bad back so u need major medical so u need a job and so u sit there stoned worrying about ur life passing u by!

You poor pathetic loser! Why would anyone want such a man that has a bad back, laziness and this insistent desire to just ramble on instead of doing something productive!

But at least this poor pathetic loser can out talk any Bubba in a bar but hes too much of a big wimp low on the pecking order so little jr. rednecks wanna pick fights with HIM!

You are a great swimmer and ur pigging out only once a day is helping define ur newly aquired abbers.

...mmm enjoy cute women staring at moi :)...start conversation looking deep in their eyes....they get the deep soul searching Garvaldian stare (muffy questioned me on this several days later!! at Habib's motel pool...mmmm..rt now i wanna do some stupping!! Their eyes look very deep into mine as if they want to look into
"the windows of my soul"
as i see the shape of her lips and teeth...BETTER NOT GO THERE!

now im in good mood...just wanna go to the pool instead of UCO

Im sure some ignorant Bubboner or angry gf will use these quotes against me when i run for office (just kidding, I would only run for office in the land of Shwagatopia!)


  1. Just for the record, Muffy never speaks of past lives, so Garvald must've gurgitated that one all by himself, imagine that.

  2. I want regurgitating what u said, Muffy..
    Know Im upstairs her puter while shes are out for the evening Ill relax in the cannabized buzz!...wondering about changing this comment
    to an essay but Muffy says that its obvious how stoned I am by the inverse relationship of bud to grammar and makin sense with the essay!

  3. its august and i am very cannabized right now to show you that i can still spell....its almost a full moon and the clouds are skimmming over the moon likes shes teasing me with her silk white nighties..shes looking at me ...her eyes going deep into my soul and im enjoying her gaze as I envelope her lovely warm rays before the storm of the plains comes beckoning me to her.... before I drive to ....
    Mikes!! (the den of ineqity and delciously wicked souls :))
    (to be continued)


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