Friday, August 27, 2004

Silk flows by my moon,,,,mmmm

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

its august and i am very cannabized right now to show you that i can still spell....
its almost a full moon and the clouds are skimmming over the moon likes shes teasing me with her silk white nighties...
shes looking at me ...
her eyes going deep into my soul and im enjoying her gaze as I envelope her lovely warm rays before the storm of the plains comes beckoning me to her....

before I drive to ....
Mikes!! (the den of ineqity and delciously wicked souls :))
(to be continued)


  1. Well, I don't want to interrupt your partaking of delicious souls at Mike's, I just wanted to make a correction for my last comment. By capitalizing Federalist, instead of just saying "federalists" I gave the word an entirely new meaning. Sorry, Garvald, and by the way what is Mike's? Muffy

  2. Muffy, Mikes is the pub 2 miles from my house. Had delicious pancakes and scrambled eggs with cheese and onions at the IHOP afterwards... they made them exactly the way I wanted them with the sliced bananana put right inside the banana nut batter...mmmm ...delicious!
    Then pigged out on 5 klondike bars from the walmart grocery and got some mouse traps in case Willardo still wants to mess with my stash!

  3. You're gonna get fat. Then you won't be able to GET NEAR OKC's finest. Even if you do change the subject.

  4. muffy,u misunderstood me as most do! I was referring to Okc's finest as the Nazis that take away our rights if we do sinful things to enjoy ourselves such as alcohol, cannabis and titty bars! Dont get me started! Im gonna write an essay about the nazis arresting 9 of the dancers thursday afternoon on their moralistic vendetta inspired by Bubbamentalists....
    The Red Dog has been an establishment or bastion for rights to worship the female body since 1969, 'the summer of free love" ...before Muffy was born even./.
    in the heart of the bible belt~!

    Bush gets reelected and it will become a police state!


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