Monday, August 02, 2004


Well Ive just had a wild wonderful weekend at schwagatopia!!!or really "SHWAGSTOCK"
These will be the new words in Garvald's appendix.If the appendix is too sick or unhealthy it might become an appendicitis(or if u remove it, will it be an appendectomy?)
They are :
shwagatopia, shwagenomics, shwagman, the shwag effect
This place is 21 miles south of Salem, Missouri and about 230 miles from Lees Summit, a suburb of KC. There are 330 acres of pristine wilderness next to the Ozark river ways, (a national park)...
We just listen to tons of music amidst all the beautiful herbs to smoke and no worries about the Federales (the ACLU is there to take pictures of angry Nazis who might infringe on our rights and be profiling young innocent hippies or not so innocent middle aged blokes like me!)
"Well i’m named Kare, i’m french and i’m 35 years old.I discovered digital art something like 2 years ago. i’m addicted.First because it’s the best way to express myself, to show my messages & values, and then because creating makes me feel alive"
This was a quote from her work of the fairy above.

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  1. Glad you had a nice time ... too bad the rest of the world isn't more like schwagatopia.

    My regards to Muffy.


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