Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Procastination as an ADD symptom

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Just had a nap before thinkin about checkin the Warr Acres night life in OKC but now its a little late so Ill write about somethin before I go back to bed and actually accomplish some things tomorrow!!
Tomorrow (makes me wanna sing Annie's song), I will taste a little "addaboy" (Muffy likes the way adderall helps me focus and start doin a lot of the stuff that needs to get done!)
I will then drink my combination green tea, cinammon stick and ginger root, eat my oatmeal, flax seed and cannabis combination(just kidding,I won't put bud in my porridge until its cheaper), go for a 10 minute swim at the local apt pool to get my heart rate above 160, and then relax in the hot tub to heal the back and neck from last thursdays tag team thumping. I will then be rejuvenated and energized enough to go start the job hunt by takin a trip to UCO in Edmond to fix my resume and put myself out there in the world as the best emotionally disturbed teacher ull ever meet!

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  1. sure enough...someone will try to find out where I teach at so they can say that I shouldnt be a teacher!

    Maybe I could become a redneck bartender and make 3x as much tax free!!


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