Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"Packrack City, Packrat Love"

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Sometimes, Garvald goes on these starvation diets where he really pigs out once a day. He drinkson green tea, ginger root, slippery elm, muscle relaxants and a very steady flow of cannabis amidst the very think tension between Dave (as the protective chairman)John, and Art (one of his "brothers") narcolepsy is hitting him and its only 330....he says to himself
"fuck the resume" again as eh frequently does to tasks he fears (?)
almost a paralysis of the mind..
then the protective Dr. T comes thru with his very good bedside manner having had to teach Garvald how to be gentle and caress her before thinking of only satisfying your needs!"
The Dr and Garvald have often had very different perspectives on past lovers which were then enhanced the orgasmic experience with Marijuana! they are cajoling the soul to a place where he feels safe and in love in her arms....
"Garvald , ull have a really good sleep tonight cuz u is one exhasted motherfucker!."
WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? The good Dr sometimes helps Mr. Garvald thru these hard times with beautiful love makin to help him ease into dreamland with his soulmate that has been his companion in other lives!
But he wants to be with her in this life! and not other lives like she has talked about.
He feels safe in her arms when he goes there with his 5th bowl ...she understands, reads his mind as he reads hers over the many lifetimes from when the cell realized she could make another like her!

But then his paranoid selfs hears something and he Fears "WILLARDO"


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