Saturday, August 14, 2004

Muffy's Den!

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Finally rested in our bed that I had bought from a neighbor in the Arrowhead APS...I was happy to let Muffy have it or borrow it depending on whether I stay In KC or travel...or "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Bubbas" (fears of being fifty still in the OKIE Zone and apologies to Will for the quote!)

It is nice to feel welcome until you outstay it. Yes, I do have a problem of learning when to make a graceful exit from a party to some other safe {?} place either to relax or recuperate...

Arrived late last night In Lees Summit missin the outdoor concert but happy to be with someone that welcomes you and you feel at home with!

They have a lot of concerts outdoors in downtown Lees Summit and then sidewalk fairs. Last Thursday, Muffy ran after the train as Kerry, Edward and their wives were waving from the moving caboose going through Lees Summit at midnight! I was hearing her message on my cell phone when Bubba came over trying to fight me last thursday at Bumpys! How ironic is it that I missed them (the caboose with our hopefully, future adminstration) to suffer smackdowns in Bumpys instead! Thats the story of my life :(

Lees Summit seems to
seems like a friendlier suburb than caucasian flighters and Sunday Christians in OKC.

While Muffy is being my favorite bartendress at weddings, Im gonna have a few brews with the friendly natives of this town so I dont have to drive!


  1. Getting slapped around again. Some people never learn to shut the fuck up!

  2. You dont have to read it ...Im sorry that ignorant rednecks (even old farts with enlarging livers) have nothing better to do than get neanderthal with 4 letter grunts...Get a life, BUb!


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