Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Margaritaville in Bethany

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Trying to find frolic in the last of summer before going back to the mundanity of work!....or travel around the country and find some major medical to cover me while on sabbatical in case some Bubba with issues does his best to send me to the hospital!

Daves wife, Steph who hates the name calling that some folks resort to but laughs at the "liberal" humor, was concerned about me visiting Bumpys tonight... u never know?...Martin luther King, Malcomb X and then Garvald all assasinated with lead from a redneck Bubba who loves Rush Limbaugh and oxycontin! Muffy was also worried that Harry might try to plug me in the alley behind Bumpys! Steve, my most favorite bartender, is workin but theres only so much he can do to cut the negative redneck vibes and uncontrolled testosterone for a place. But who will pay my emergency visit for the slam down tag team neck breaking duo of Bumpys??

Gettin my swim in for somethin productive today beside educating Bubbas at the Bethany pool but now there is no adult swim ...so its harder to swim laps...
dont let me get started as to what those city council member were thinkin to cut off adult swim when there is a beautiful 50 meter swim for everyone to enjoy!

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