Sunday, August 08, 2004


It's Sunday and Im still very sore especially in my shoulders and neck from being the victim of the tag team wrestlers taking turns to do body slams on me. It especially hurt tryin to play volleyball in the pool yesterday. My arms felt like lead.

Its a reality check about how serious it could have been as far as my head banging against the Bar when Bubba body slammed me against the bar and the floor! I keep thinking how I could exited the pub without him attacking me especially when I asked for help from security!

I have a good mind to call some tv stations and the newspaper ("The Daily Disappointment") about how some bartenders and some folks think they can get away with almost killing customers or maiming them for them for life. Its like one loses all rights when hes had some drinks and the bartender or redneck can do what he wants because you provoked him the way you were staring at him! The police would not let me file a report. The cop's first question was if I had been drinking and therefore he believes a bartender thats only trying to save his own ass!

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  1. Once again another ass kicking. Are you into pain or what?


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