Sunday, August 29, 2004

Life is emptiness and then you find your keys!

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Missing his keys for the last 3 hours while also sorts of "evil" paranoid thoughts as to what could have happened to them transpire!
Garvald looks all around his house and then he thinks they have to be in his bedroom. He lifts his king sized mattress taking up 85% of the "mother in law's" bedroom floor (it used to be Alene's mothers room for more than a decade) so he can find his key. No luck. He resorts to a lick of the few grains left in of one of his adderalls left all over his territory in case he forgets where he left his medication. Garvald has all sorts of ways to cope with his disability. He feels his mind kick in and EUREKA! He thinks to actually look in his shorts that he already crossed off his mind to look in. He thinks,
"If the keys are not in my shorts, then I am as usual shit out of luck! "
The way Murphy's laws have a pic of Garvald in the "Encyclopedia of Follies!" (There is not such a book I don't think?)In his bathroom library while in search of his keys he just randomly opens up to the book of Buddhism to a chapter on "emptiness". It makes him realize that anything above emptiness is great like his principal at Wewoka told him about the philosophy of being "a dead man walking!" He has to keep reminding himself of how lucky he is to be existing on this earth...all the elements combining to make him a living breathing creature. Happy to find his keys, the chance for freedom and to still explore this "spaceship earth" and all of are us a combination of parts of the earth and the universe.

excerpt :
Emptiness ('Sunyata')
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Early Buddhism, with its teaching on not-self or anatta, taught that there is no such thing as an enduring self or soul. In reality, the self is made up of five impermanent constituents (khandhas) - the body, feelings, perception, mental formations (including volition) and consciousness. As Buddhism developed, the anatta doctrine was subsumed into something more extensive in which all phenomena were seen to be 'empty' of self or essence. This concept, known as sunyata or 'emptiness', is a key feature of Mahayana Buddhism. Such a term may appear, on the face of it, to have negative connotations, as though something is lacking. The opposite is in fact true. In Buddhism, the realization of emptiness equates to the experience of nibbana (nirvana) and therefore the cessation of suffering or dukkha.Crucial to the sunyata doctrine is the notion that the world is made up of a stream of ever changing elements, dharmas. Rather than seeing these dharmas, we create concepts which approximate what is really there. The world as we see it, therefore, is ultimately illusory - a fabrication of mind. Mahayana philosophy sees truth as of being two kinds, conventional and ultimate. Conventional truth is the world as we normally see it; ultimate truth is the world as it really is. The two don't exactly adhere - the world of conventional truth is a world of appearances; the world of ultimate truth is sunyata.

Meditation on Emptiness

Through particular types of meditation, it is possible to disperse this illusion. In the New Kadampa Tradition, this process is referred to as 'Superior Seeing', a particular meditation technique that consists of two contemplations. In the first, for example, you focus on the emptiness of the self or 'I'. In this 'We should imagine that our body gradually dissolves into thin air, and then our minds dissolve, our thoughts scatter with the wind, our feelings, wishes, and awareness melt into nothingness' (from The Meditation Handbook by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso).

Of course, this can all be understood at a conceptual level
but the real benefit of emptiness is in its realization! So finding my keys and being happy finding some sort of permanence or stability in the ever changing stream of elements. Yet learning to go with the flow, not fighting the flow so much but taking the wave and being in that curl so that the spark of life continues for as long as the wave will take you!
I'm watching water polo and doing my best to go with the flow on the situation of my home. I do enjoy the fact that I do still have a home and I'm not homeless (currently jobless but of my own volition) while I clean out my home and make it a little more empty from all the clutter that symbolizes all the shit that has been stored in my mind. When I learn to cope with all this clutter and focus on what is important to save will only help me with the potential I have. Most often in my life I have had very little focus and I know especially from teaching kids with processing and organizing problems how it disables you. Discipline and a plan is so essential to overcome ADD! My mother would always tell me proudly of her younger brother, Uncle Ron, who was only average in school, made it a point of always writing down what he had to do the next day. He continued as manager of his father's meat packing factories in Brisbane and Towoomba, Queensland and had a successful business, life and family (with 3 beautiful daughters and wonderful grandchildren!)
My life has often been a culmination of failing to plan but I know that I'm regrouping here in my home of 23 years before I decide on the plan for the rest of my life. I hope that the book will show how I will finally get my engine fixed and ready to fly to the stars while learning to live in the now and enjoying the process of this journey!
I hope that others that read this website will also get a little insight or just enjoy the little tidbits of thoughts that I might throw out to the winds of the universe!


  1. Oh Garvald, I'm so glad you found your keyes, just another day-in-the-life, huh? Buy the Adderall, I can tell you had a lick by the coherence of your last post. Ron is right, it's worth the money, better spent at the pharmacy than on teen mom tittie-shakin' table dances at Red Dog.

  2. I guess, Muffy, how you see more coherence even after just a lick of the "addaboy"!


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