Wednesday, August 11, 2004

La "ChupaKabra"

Check all my sites and essays! part 2 from Willardo!

Im trying to recollect all the events before and after this short intruder was caught in the act of pilfering through my belongings....
He had been doing this almost like he was stalking my home without me suspecting...I feared (I couldnt accept it) that he had been hiding upstairs in my closet of old cellulose between the rafters..

All these thoughts going thru my mind: fear, paranoia, anger, desperation at the numbers of them just continuing to invade his home and his neighborhood.
Sometimes he was afraid to walk outside for fear that one of these
animals will be giving him the stare down and one crazy brave one might lead the attack...He made sure to carry a flashlight because they were so fast and had incredible vertical leaps!
(to be continued)

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