Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kansas city pub swim verses swimmin in OKC

Muffy is too embarrassed to let her friends know that Ive started this crazy website! Im learning as I progress with this site. Ive been thinking that I need to get a laptop, camcorder, and travel around the states instead of going back to teaching. But then I wont have major medical and its 5x as much to get Adderall 111$ verses 25$ with the major medical. We call Adderall "Addaboy) cuz Muffy sees the difference in my eyes and my energy level. When I don't take it, I just wanna sit around watching TV and writing. But I'm getting down to a few pills that I've left in different bottles, in case I misplace them (losing things is very common with ADD). In order to make it last I break open the pill and get some of these micro grains to give me a burst of energy and motivation! These micro grains are time released. Some would judge a teacher for doing something like this as wrong but it works!

Now that Ive had that I decided to devote some of this site to pubs and restaurants that I like to visit for the atmosphere, good beer and food. The other day, I visited the 75th Street Brewery. They have good beer, excellent pizza and Ok service. The atmosphere of the place seems to be of above average intellect being close to that college and medical school. For 20$ you can get a discount on the membership and get beer served to you in your favorite liter mug that they keep in shelves high above you. You pay only 2.50$ for what can be a very large beer that will put you at the saturation point as far as Kansas City's finest making you walk the line without impunity.
I had a Kolsch beer brewed almost as well as they do in Germany and then an "American Beauty" beer. Both were very tasty full bodied beers along with the most delicious pizza I've had in years! Its only 5.00$ if you get it before 6. I ordered the mushroom pizza and I asked for some tomato slices put on top. It was orgasmic! Shitake mushrooms, Crimini mushrooms, wild mushrooms (almost wish they were the magic kind), Portobello and domestic mushrooms! The only negative I noticed was that the bartenders and waitresses don't seem to like to smile. Maybe they hate customers like me ? :( The hostess was very sweet however. :)
I went on to the Buzzard Beach which has the cheapest draft in Westport for only .75$ for happy hour 4-8pm. I heard that a lot of heroin addicts visit the place but it has the most eclectic group of people and one can find intellectual conversation with out difficulty. Generally, they have positive vibes and bums like me can feel comfortable. There are two floors with a deck where you can observe beautiful sunsets over the parking lot. If you want to breathe don't stay downstairs too long. You'll constantly bump your head if you are over 6 foot and have ADD because of the low ceilings.
My last visit was the weekly Tuesday night chess club at the Westport Flea Market where you can get 2 big burgers and 2 orders of fries for only 7.50$. The charismatic cooks will announce "YOUR BURGER IS READY'! Protein helps your brain think better but I still made major blunders against Jeff and I knew that I could have had won games :(. The intellectual conversation was the best there because we are all nerds. Some high school seniors were having an incredible discussion on economics. I was also amazed that one really good chess player that runs the club will still vote for Bush despite the poor deluded man's intelligence!

The next day I decided to check on my house and tenant in Okc. (cont)

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