Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Garvald's Home (?)

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Garvald's Home (?)
A place he's resided in, habitated in, mingled in, made love in, had parties in, and had families in for 21 of his 23 years in the land of the red clay...his "Tara" in "Gone with Garvald"
bitterness and the test of time mixed in with the bittersweet sadness of fond memories of his life here....
Rip VanGarvald wakes up 23 years later and meets VanSchtupping after having escaped the OK zone for a year.
Oklahoma and his "home" have changed more than he has.
anger is in the air.
winds are coming in strong from the south and then almost immediately bitter winds from the north with the angry vengeance of mother natures tearing up her soul
....all agitation.....
urgent anger...
...feelings coming out of this frustrating turbulence...
his home is battered from the winds of time and neglect when
he left her for a year and many other times when he was just physically present, taking her beauty for granted
and when he comes back he feels she misses him holding all the love that has been aborbed by her along with incredible sadness
as the melancholic cedar trees try to strangle the moisture out of her foundations

the edges of her face are now ragged and falling from gravity
the angry winds and rains wearing out her frame and roof

her living trees beside her forcing her to leave her roots
and face the ravages of mother nature's' eventual wrath

what can he do to bring back life to her before the inevitable and then she might be a distant memory in childrens' hearts of a time of frolicking in the green grass by the beautifully growing Southern Magnolia that only radiates Mother Natures' good energy from when his mother bought this gift for him 20 years ago...
He has failed her and his mother upstairs for so long...
others wanting her for far less than she's valued
he will manicure her and tend her grasses with the care and love she deserves
he will feed her with moisture and build her foundations and then her frame and roof
her value of herself will soar from the love he will give her and she will be beautiful again and so will he from the love she radiates back to him

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  1. I was awake from 4:30-5:00am, so I ran a scan on my computer and fell back asleep, but somewhere in the dark, hazy hours of morn I thought of Garvald, being home. It has been nearly exactly one year since he's been away, I am the other woman. I still have John, since we're using NAMES now, right here within kissing distance if I close my eyes. XXOO Muffy


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