Monday, August 23, 2004

Do any of you Brainwashed Rush fans know Pat Buchanan??

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From Pat Buchanan: how neocons are leading conservatives -- and America -- to disaster
And what we must do now to save our country and our cause
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Pat Buchanan's new Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency explores the pressing truth that few others dare to admit: conservatives have lost their way. The pundit and sometime presidential candidate explains how a Republican-controlled capital city whose leaders daily profess their conservatism could preside over the largest fiscal and trade deficits in our history -- and have us mired in a Wilsonian imperial war to force democracy upon an Arab Middle East that has never known it. This book is about a cabal that betrayed conservatism because, from the very beginning, they never believed in it. As Buchanan shows here, they had another agenda all along.

Buchanan courageously argues here that the invasion of Iraq and the neocon-inspired mission to impose democracy upon it could be a textbook example of the imperial overstretch that brought down so many empires of the past -- and could bring America down in the near future. He points out that all the blunders committed by Britain's ruling class during the swift fall of the British empire have been replicated by our neocon elites: from the arrogance of power, to the alienation of allies, to the waging of wars in regions where no vital U.S. interests are at risk.

Meanwhile, Buchanan discusses other signs of grave danger: soaring budget deficits, the steady loss of manufacturing jobs, the unstopped flood of illegal immigration, the rapid deterioration of American education, and more. He examines the implications of the rapidly changing religious, ethnic and racial composition of the country in this age when race, religion, and ethnicity are tearing countries apart.

What is the Republican Party doing about all this? Buchanan dares to state the truth: the traditional conservative party is abandoning its core principles in search of votes, signing off on imperialistic misadventures and economic treason, and helping to impose a social, moral, and cultural revolution upon our country.

Buchanan doesn't just summarize the deep trouble that America is in. He recalls Barry Goldwater's dictum that "the ancient and tested truths that guided our republic through its early days will do equally well for us." In a sweeping, insightful prescription for our ills, he sets out the hard choices we must make in order to restore those ancient and tested truths, and bring back sound government in our foreign and domestic policies. He even details how we must fight back and win the culture wars that have sapped so much of our nation's resolve.

Pat Buchanan tells the truths that few others have the courage to state
How the GOP has become not the party of Reagan, but of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ

Influential pseudo-conservatives who argued at the end of the Cold War for nothing less than the surrender of American sovereignty -- and aggressive wars to "wage democracy" all over the world

Wolfowitz, Perle, and other key neocons: how they captured the President

The revolutionary "neo-Jacobin" streak in neoconservatism that cannot be reconciled with any concept of true conservatism

The Muslim world: five sobering real reasons why they hate us

The ambiguous American position on Taiwan: how it has created the real possibility of war between the U.S. and China -- and seven elements of a new, realistic American policy toward China

Why America's political independence, as Alexander Hamilton insisted, cannot survive without economic independence -- which we are wantonly squandering

How George W. Bush has bloated the deficit with social programs that out-liberal the most committed liberals

Judicial supremacy: how today's activist judiciary came into being - and how it must be stopped

How the Bush threat of war upon nations that had not attacked us is utterly unprecedented in American history -- and puts us all at risk

Why the worldwide War on Terror as George W. Bush has framed it will continue not only through his presidency, but for the rest of our lives

How Bush has unnecessarily thrown down the gauntlet to every rival and would-be world power, and issued a challenge to lesser powers to unite against us

The Islamic world: how President Bush has placed us on a course for endless wars with Muslims who are repelled by the social, cultural, and moral decadence they see in America and the West

How the Bush Doctrine contradicts history and common sense, and will bleed, bankrupt and isolate this republic

Where the Right Went Wrong is a much-needed handbook for policymakers and every concerned American to recover conservative politics of principle. It shows how we must restore not only the Right, but our deeply troubled nation.


  1. Wow, thats why i gotta escape to australia if Bush gets reelected!! fuckin scary and u didnt know how conservative Buchanan is, do u Bubanon?

  2. Wow. What a race those gorgeous runners in the 800 meters ,,,thats the best most exciting race ive seen in womens track!!!....mmmm

  3. Do us all a favor and take your ass to Australia. Don't keep threating. Do it!

    When you live in glass house you really shouldn't throw stones. You get just as personal. If you think I get personal maybe you should be in therapy. You're one overly sensitive girl.

  4. Oh and still no rebutal on your part disputing any of the Kerry facts. Funny how that is.

  5. Where do you get your facts? I see no sources??
    Show me (like Missouri) ....where are all the 3 years of Bush being me how those facts we dont get to see are better than Kerry being under under attack for getting 3 purple hearts...
    Im sorry , but you seem way too bitter ...Like Smithers on Homer Simpson..How long has it been since u got laid?
    Im sorry that you have to make it personal but I love the way you read my column more than anyone and give us "liberals" so much ammunition (with words rather than bullets)...Did you graduate High School, Harry?

  6. Harry, what does threating mean? Are u threating me?


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