Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cant we all just get along"?

Im headin back north ...only so much heat I can handle...this site has caused maybe a lttle too much controversy...ill be back for a few days and stay a hermit away from bullets and Bubbas

Im sorry if this site offended some Bubbas...buts its a free country and ones personal safety should not be at stake for free speech

sometimes, accomodating people only makes one look weak esp in middle school...maybe this site will help out some of my problems and discovering that there are easier ways to handle situations with less all around discomfort

Muffy, I cant wait to see you...sorry I procrastinated so much in getting there hopefully , well see the last of the concert together!
I need some comfort and no more angry people!

8/25 very rough draft cuz its late! its 2 weeks later and only hotter and a full moon is approaching so I need to avoid crazy angry people when its full! What day will that be??

I debated about whether to respond but I know that you (the neighbor who wrote the comment below)and her husband have a personal interest in the person that was renting my home. Originally he had told me he was moving out in the spring. Then he had obviously became attached to my home and I liked the way he was keeping it up and I could tolerate it up to a point late rent and no communication.
Finding out when I didn't receive rent for almost 2 months and that he had to buy a very expensive water heater that covered all of the months rent made me almost to the point of evicting him especially when coming back to find out I had to rehook the gas.
He would not return any phone calls for several weeks in the spring when I wanted to find out how long he was wanting to stay at my home.. The neighbor was an intermediary and he was the one who insisted that my tenant would be a reliable renter but then complaining I was starving him so he could pay the rent. I installed a phone in July so that we could communicate well. I had told him at the end of July that I would be living at my own house on and off since I did not have a place to stay since the end of June.
I gave notice that I would be moving in officially in a month even though I was still not sure of my plans to get a job in Kansas City. I have been going to Kcity each week for back treatment. I was saying that there would be a good chance that I would be traveling around the country in a month but there could be a good chance that I would be staying alot of time in my house. He then became very loud and screaming to the point that I was afraid that he would be violent. He then walked out with his firearms not wanting to listen or make some mutual agreement as far as rent and utilities. He did not pay this months rent or even the 2 weeks rent that he said that he had for me. Every month it was like pulling teeth to get any rent money.
He is also refusing to pay the electric bill when he continually said that he would pay it and had a health condition that required he keep the house very cold, so as I feared, I am stuck with another bill 215$ for electricity.
His neighbor has insisted that he come get his things but I feared for my safety and taking things that are not his especially his since I left my house furnished. I let him take liberties with my many of my things but they were to borrow while he was living in my house and not to take with him. The neighbor who was cussing at me this am came and got his laundry. I have insisted that a policeman be present when the other items are taken out of the house for the violent aggressive nature of this individual. He has threatened me with a lawyer. I almost willing to let 2 weeks of rent go if he were to pay the electricity bill but he will not talk to me. My neighbor insisted that he always pays his bills.
I am sorry to bore the audience in cyber world and I know Harry will have a field day with this one but I know that my neighbor who wrote the sweet comment above might read this and understand that I have bent over backwards to accommodate him with rent coming down 100$ and not unfortunately requiring a deposit for him to prevent him from walking out anytime and sticking me with the electricity bill beside the gas, and the phone.. The only utility he paid consistently was the water bill. He was mad because I would be staying at my house a lot more. he expects to just walk out of an agreement without rent and utilities almost like my house should be a charity for him.
It is very difficult being a landlord especially when you offer it at a cheap price. Things are torn up and doesn't make it worthwhile to tolerate all the aggravation and yelling. I guess I will learn or make sure that everything in writing and have a couple of months deposit to cover these types of things. I know I have made a lot of mistakes and Im sorry that I ever made a deal with neighbor that I thought that I could trust.
Well, I am tired now and pray that tomorrow will be a nice day without all the confrontation and anger. I am sorry that I rented out the house and you think about how all this hassle is not worth it. Make sure to always to things in writing, but I was happy to find a renter even though he didn't move in until November and told me that he would be moving out in the spring making it easy for me to move back into my home in the summer. They are acting like I am moving him out but he chose to move out on his own. After seeing his rages, I think it would be much safer.
I know Harry will get a great kick out of this and has more chance of reading this than my neighbor....I know, Muffy, that my life is like a comedy/tragedy that more shit happens to me or is like this with many other people.
I guess thats how the phrase "shit happens" but it happens more than all the turds left as fertilizer on my neighbors' lawn.
Have a nice evening and pray for me dealing with them tomorrow. :(
Thanks for reading this and I hope that it makes sense to you cuz it shore dont make sense to me other than rip off the man any chance you get!


  1. this is a very rough draft that has to be corrected and edited many times over!...I woke up again in the middle of the night just feeling frustrated at the way some roomates like to keep a place freezing to 70 even though its less than 58 degrees outside!and its still gettin colder but Dave keeps yelling at me that Art has to have it really cold so I dress up in long underwear in the middle of summer!


  3. I see a lot of self pity and frankly it's distrubing. Did you or did you not rent out your home?! How can you expect to just move back in or stay for an indefinate amount of time when you have a tenant in that home? Did you know that is against the "Landlord Tenant Agreement" laws for most states. The tenant doesn't have to let you stay but it seems to me he's nice enough to do so. You should respect that person's space and know that the home is not yours in every sense of the word while that tenant is there. You no right to say anything about how cool or how hot it is in that house. You nothing to say about how things are arranged in that house. You want your cake and eat it to whether you choose to admit that or not. Your 'next door neighbors' are trying to help you understand why your tenant gets so upset with you. It could have very easily gone to blows without someone stepping in and trying to diffuse the situation. Do you see that? It sure doesn't sound like it. It sounds like you have no idea what role in all of this discord you have. It seems like you think the whole world's against you. Is that the way you see it? Have you stopped to think that maybe it's not the whole world maybe it's me??

    Explain something to me. You say you don't 'campout'. What would you call it? You said that it's not just your tenant that feels that way so that's not it. You stay at home all day procrasting on taking charge of your life. There's no move on your part in a positive direction. It's almost as if you're hoping that someone will walk by and hand everything to you. If that's not 'camping out' I don't know what is.

    I don't want you to think I'm just ganging up on you. I want you to understand that you 'own' most of your problems. Stop blaming everyone else around you. I don't care if you're blaming the 'bubbas', your neighbors, the prinicpal at your last school, your tenant etc. the common demoninator in all of that is you. It's time for some true self-analyzation. Unless you enjoy this.

  4. You are right that I have made many bad choices...Maybe It would have been much less hassle i hadnt rented my house..the problems was making an oral agreement instead of a written agreement...and bringing down the rent considerably to accomodate Art..when I asked him how long he would stay ...he said originally till the spring...My lease ran out of my apt in June...I was making every effort to contact him in the spring to find out his plans..I will do my best to accomodate him...thanks neighbor...i will validate what u said except for the personal attacks glad that our communication is open....
    It seems sometimes the more that one accomodates the more is expected
    ..I am doing my best to accomodate the situation...We should have made clearer what our plans are as far the situation...that is why the rent is only 5$ per day when Im in the house...
    I am sorry that there is an inconvenience
    I have been very compromising for late rent and many other matters
    I am glad that I have neighbors that are concerned for the friends and neighbors as you are
    Thanks for your input and help!

  5. Im procastin about wedder to write or eat breakfast??
    maybe therll be some intense political discussion betwee jr cowboys and hair spikers??

  6. most dont understand my dry sense of humor!,,,now while watching crawford run against humans instead zebras! feelin really hungry while contemplating all the bull from my delightful hospitable neighbors and an angry tenant ....having free rent and utilites for the summer...but theyre still angry ...??
    reminds me so much of the anger deep inside emotionally disturbed children....sometimes I really hate my codependent nature(?) and being vulnerable to hurting souls??...

    Wassup widdat Garvald?
    "There u go again" she says!

  7. ....what a long weekend! Samstag before sunrise!
    thats all that this summer felt like
    not having the chance to really relax enough to finally enjoy myself!
    When art moves his stuff ...I can just relax...I just hopes hje doesnt demand the couch too beside free electrictiy and rent! ( cant get over how often I continue to get ripped off.!~!

    ....John Lennon had a long carousing weekend before he settled down with Yoko...and then meet up with a crazy assasin... what a long weekend...John Lennon had a long carousing weekend before he settled down with Yoko... what causes people to have so much anger?? to kill,,,it is so sad to make life so cheap as to take it thoughtlessly ...(dont get me started on Bush!)

    reminds me so much of the redneck staring at me the whole night waiting all night to cause me injury At Lumpys!...some live off others' discomfort!...

    Feel so tired but wanting to tell you so is so short and Im learning so very slowly to enjoy and savor it!...s,e;;ing the roses and discovering what I have to give


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