Friday, August 06, 2004

Bumpy's Bar and ass kicking pub

I've been back in the Okie Zone for only 2 nights and a Jr. testosterone wants to fight me for staring at him. He was acting like he was part of the Bumpy's staff and every time I looked his way he was glaring at me even though I didn't even know him personally as if he just happened to be in my fan club (sarcasm). I tried to be nice when I was going by the door with his glare but he said that he didn't like me and ANGRILY asked why I was staring at him? I told him that I couldn't help notice him glaring at me so he asked me not to stare at him. I just walked away from a bloke with a lot of issues and seeming to want to take them out on me. So I go outside to the patio and then later he comes out wanting to fight me because I was looking at him through the window. I was on the cell phone and talking to some friends when he started calling me a "mother fucker" and a "poet". I ignored him as much as I could but said I was flattered about being called a "poet". Someone came over and ushered him back inside so I enjoyed chatting with Chuck and an interesting girl that's traveled to at least 20 different volatile countries with the air national guard and was only 22 until the muscle bound very young bartender, (Scwarzenegger wannabee) angrily tells me its last call. I go to the restroom and then I pay the bill to the nice bartender, Steve, and then realize the bloke is waiting for me at the door. I ask Miguel to escort me or walk with me because the bloke is wanting to fight me. Then Bubba (don't know his name unfortunately) does a mad dash at me when I'm talking to the Miguel and several girls in the way of the entrance and exit and I'm not expecting this volcanic shove that knocked my head against the bar. I'm on the floor with him all over me trying to hit my head some more. In defending myself, I get him almost off of him when Schwarz (the bartender) tackles me like he's playin pro football. My head knocks the ground and I'm dazed. They push me out of Humpy's and I'm telling them that I'm calling the police to file assault charges. When I'm outside, Schwarz comes outside while I'm outside talking on my cell phone to the ambulance folks and the police hoping they will come before Bubba leaves. Bubba, who had been inside as he was friends with some of the staff, comes out and wants fight me outside. I told them that the police were on the way so they wouldn't try to attack me again (the cell phone) saved me from much more injury on the hard cement parking lot. Bubba hears me trying to describe his blue car and takes off driving towards me almost like he's gonna run me over. Fortunately, a girl tells him not to but he purposely doesn't let me read his car tags and takes off with me trying to tell the police which way on NW expressway he's heading.
The ambulance and cops unfortunately come at the same time when I wanted to talk to the police. Schwarz talks to the cops first, so they believe him and other "witnesses" over me, while Im talkin to the Para meds and really wanting to talk to the cops. The cops wont let me file charges because they said that the bartender said it was mutual and that I was fighting too (too defend myself from rednecks on some sort of crack!) Earlier in the tussle, Schwarz or someone else made sure to rip my Luther Elementary t-shirt, so the shirt is falling of of me when Im in the parking lot. My credibility must have been shot with me bloody and without a shirt, so they ask if I had been drinking and that I was in no shape to drive. I told them that I was fine and had two beers (Shiner bocks) but I didn't want to argue about that so I let an officer give me a ride home instead of the ambulance. I couldn't afford an ambulance since I didn't have a major medical. The older (about my age) policeman wouldn't take me to the hospital and that I could have used the ambulance so he drops me off at my house a few miles away and I wake up my roommate, Art to give me a ride and Ill knock 10$ off the rent that he's always late with paying.
After being dropped off back at the parking lot to pick up my car (fearing retribution to my car), I drive to Mercy's emergency ward and I'm worried about having to pay 3 or 400$ for X-rays and being looked at. I almost want to walk away but I know already how my back and neck are fucked up so I talk myself into it. But after laying down on the bed watching another angry redneck, Steven Segal, fighting Michael Caine (an evil Alaskan oil baron) on TV, the doctor tells me he wants a cat scan. That would be an extra thousand bucks or so and how would I get Humpy's or Bubba to pay for it?? So I have to wait another hour before they decide I'm ok without the cat scan and having to suffer watching Segal being an asshole kickin Caine's ass. It would almost have made my evening just to see Segal or some of these other assholes that only fight and cant act get their asses kicked in a movie!
Now its the next day wondering what action to take as far as getting my emergency bill paid for and suing Bubba for getting away with his redneck violence!


  1. After chatting with Bumpy's owner, I feel better about the establishment takin care of business. On a serious note, they could have prevented this fight from happening when I warned them that Bubba was on the warpath ...why do so many young testoterones get in the stare routine and get upset when u ask if they "wanna picture, it will last longer!"

  2. Where's all the soliloquy from the past two weeks? Where's my Garvald? Muffy

  3. Muffy, why dont u give some evidence to being not an imaginary figure...why dont u comment as a different user with a pseudonym so there is more likelyhood that the ignorant yellow Bubbanon will get brave enough to give himself a name...
    Im sure some out there think that Im makin him up too?
    Maybe, Ive listened to Rush just to know how oxycontin junkies think!

    PS. Id love to give more soliloquies, Muffy but Im concerned about criticism about grammar from rich little rednecks that went to private school...School vouchers for rich litte Repulican children! Thats what they want and it will happen if Uncle George jr. gets reelected!


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