Monday, August 23, 2004


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Wow, Is that your writing, Bubba? Or is it another redneck with occasionally good grammar? But, you still have the common characteristic of going from a universal topic concerning how Bush is pulling the wool over Bubbas' eyes but not the rest of the world to making a personal attack, just the way you hippo critters (check that in ur spell check) love to get personal when your losing an argument. The way you did with Clinton's fellatio (do u know the meaning of this word?) when Bubba Starr had no where to go except complain about oral sex because he never experienced it himself!
Oral sex didn't cost us your children!
My dear Bubbanon, when you show me ur resume like George's then Ill tell you. (Wouldn't it be wonderful if I was just making you up, Bubba the way u sound like a broken record and say I'm making up the few other commentators that this site has).
The way you all criticize and try to take away that Kerry risked his life for rednecks and all Americans but he knew he went somewhere that had no possibility of threatening us just like Iraq was and is no threat (until we started killing innocents)
and letting our own children go there. Of course no senator's son that approved the war is going there.
Bubba, If the country were to be attacked like it was in Pearl Harbor is a whole 'nother story! You have a nice evening and do some yoga and herbal therapy to help chill you out, bra or it sounds like the anger in ur remarks ur about to have a stroke!
your friend,

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  1. Its seems like a Bubba nerd must have messed with the last article from a war veteran that answered some questions that Bubba is to afraid to even look at let alone answer them about our favorite Bubba jr. Prez!
    Unfortunately, I should have saved it before I posted it.
    Well, the truth will come out, maybe with a bunch of Halliburton "deep throats" to expose far worse shennanigans than Nixon ever organized.
    Buchanan even talks about this Republican conspiracy that can no longer be squelched with strong arm tactics!


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