Friday, August 20, 2004

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Its amazing how your mood changes when you wake up to a cloudy cold day with thoughts of the warm summer soon fading... I know its still better than the heat!
Muffy, says how I have this lazy type of writing with the ...
If I worry about my creative writing my thoughts will be stifled or censored so nothing will come out and then it will be constipation rather than than diarreah (2rs by the way, thanks Muffy!) of the mouth.
I told her that I can always edit it later but she says Ill lose readership when they grab the remote from you and change the channel especially if u have narcolepsy!
Muffy is going out on a date tonight and she became angry when I inquired about it. So I shouldnt feel guilty about a date either if i can find a bar before its too late to go!
I understand that Im not financially stable at the moment and not teaching. Its hard for her to understand me having this crazy idea about travelling around America and then gradually increasing my orbit around OKlahoma to the world! The whole process of rebirth and recuperation will take time. I need to make peace with myself and discover these dormant talents within me. I want her understand and be my companion through parts of this journey if she still wants to come with me. When I self actualize and understand my limitations and strenghts I will be so much better able devote myself to Muffy or whomever my companion will be.
(to be continued)

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