Sunday, August 22, 2004

Altered States

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Another gorgeous morning. Saw Tommy and Valli at Ripper Park playing tennis. Its amazing how we were all playing doubles together there more than 20 years ago! I'm missing the Olympics but its such a gorgeous day. And yes, I do make spelling errors when I have a buzz,
Anon (short for anonymous). Should I capitalize at the start of a sentence?

Monday, August 23rd (schools in Kc, Missouri will start in a week):

OH and dear Anon, I'm sorry that you might harbor so much anger to go from a spell check cut to a "smart ass" cut. You as many of us have many issues that we are afraid to look inwardly at. I have dealt with the death of my wife passing over in this house/home in this land that I'm not happy in except when its a gorgeous day or I'm in love. I am discovering possibly through the great catharsis of writing what gives me the greatest happiness and fulfillment in case there might be a better place to go. I love this search and the writing that is involved with organizing this search with in my own soul. Our minds can be like the homes we live in with all the shit that's collected over 23 years! Its only up to us to organize and clean this mess within the closets and attics of our mind. This website is the very rough draft of this process that is going on within my home, my soul, my community, the place where I habituate. This website will eventually evolve into a book with the names changed to protect the guilty and so Bubbas will have less likelihood of coming after me. (I will thow in Bubba humor occasionally).
At the moment, teaching with power hungry administrators, and not the right location is not best for my health and for doing the best job of helping the children that will have my help when I am ready and fully rested.
When you are angry at someone its very often because you might despise that person deep inside yourself. We often don't accept the anger, greed, selfishness, and all these morally sinful traits in others when we haven't look deep inside ourselves to accept that we might have some or all of these characteristics. Teaching emotionally disturbed children takes a great toll on someone if they don't have a lot of patience and sometimes strain. I am not paid to help or do I have patience as much with emotionally disturbed adults especially when they don't accept that they have issues to cause such deep rooted anger.
I often use humor even learning to laugh at myself and my frequent mistakes. My own own heart has to forgive myself first before I can forgive others.

Ok! There's so much more I want to say to you, Anon, but I've gotta watch the ' lecture to you shall continue later!) Try adding those words to ur spell check Mate! Golly, I love chess!!


  1. i caught your smart ass remark. to answer your question, i'd be happy with the correct spelling or at least finish typing the word.

  2. Bubbas and Bubbettes love to start getting personal when they cant come up with anything better.
    Thanks for the comment about my smart gluteus maximus. Check the spelling.

  3. Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural glutei max·i·mi /-'mak-s&-"mI/
    Etymology: New Latin, literally, largest gluteus
    Date: 1886
    : the outermost muscle of the three glutei found in each of the human buttocks

  4. What a dip shit. If you think that anyone looking at this site (NONE) wouldn't know that you are doing all the posting, you are more fucked up than it would seem. One question though, is Muffy your invisible girl friend that you dream about late, late at night? I ask this due to the fact that I actually hope she isn't real, as we wouldn't want your mental distress to be passed down by possible procreation.

    Just a BUBBA

    P.S. The person you thought you were going to give swimming lessons to thinks your a douche bag just like 99% of all the people that meet you. The other 1% are just as fucked up as you are, so you get along wonderfully.

  5. Its a shame when low IQ Bubbas cant think of anything to write themselves they resort to four letter words and threaten to get personal. I could get personal with you about you being an ugly old middle aged alcoholic but I wont. When u shook hands with me the other night you didnt even have the courage to admit that you have been writing your inbred comments. A Bubba would open up a can of whoopass on you for commenting on his girlfriend, but I wont get down to your level like when you couldnt argue you decided to hand me a bullet. Then you commented at the other Hudsons that it was for me to put me out of misery. Is that what the Bush mafia did to others that disagreed with him or knew too much.?
    Bubba, or when you start signing another pseudonym,
    have you checked out to see all the alleged suicides that were connected with Bush.
    Actually, your mentality of violence does scare me as much as the terrorist that use violence. Have a nice day, Bubba.


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