Monday, July 19, 2004

sleepless in Lees Summit

Its 530 am and cant fall back to sleep esp when my bed partner is upset with my insomnia or when I fall asleep maybe I snore? 
Now you are listening to my sober self after watching Diane Lane in "Tuscany" where she figures that he has to fix up her villa (home)  before she will be in the right frame of life to deal with a lover, companion, soulmate...sometimes, that I think that I have  to fix up me and self actualize before Im ready to be with the woman i'll grow old with...but in 12 years Ill be 60 so I better hurry up, get some sleep and get off my fat ass and look for an emotiionally disturbed teaching job where there arent anal administrators always bitchin about somethin....dont get me started on what a pain female bosses can be...especially if ur crashin in their  home
and causing them lost rems also ):

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