Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Lance Armstrong

   Lance serves as an inspiration for all blokes that feel sorry for themselves and enjoy wallowing in their own self pity. I worry that in 11 & 1/2 years Ill be 60 and will be too old to enjoy flirtin with 20 somethin babes.  Hes goin up this incredible French Mt.,Alpe de Huez with bipolar comedians such as Robin Williams serving occasionally as commentary.  I wonder if I could have been as famous as him if I was manic depressive instead of just ADD.
Im sure he processes alot better than I do but Muffy thinks Im funny sometimes but Im no Jim Carey, besides not being a good writer (she even beat me at scrabble even though I knew some words she didnt know such as raj, mung, lilt and toreador but I was hopin it would have been spelled "torrid or" so I could have had all those points when I added the or!)
   I still have to head back to my house in Oklahoma and pick up my rent (only gettin half my mortgage ): and decide whether to stay there and vegatize, cannabize and wallow in these delusions of grandeur of actually gettin rich and famous from this book, but I need to wait until my chiro will help my back feel better for the ride to the Okiezone.  Its feelin better finally after seeing him but but my right still tingles because of the compression of all these vertebrae.  Maybe if I had hung upside down for an hour every day I wouldnt have such a miserably degenerated back.  When I head there I can at least watch TV without pissing off Muffy's 13 year old daughter for just bein there.  U should see the negative vibes these little daughters give off.  Is that when girls learn how to be mean without even saying anything?  I have yet to hit it off with any of my gfs daughters or mothers but I do a lot better with sons and male administrators.
   Well I wonder if I should go into some of these trials with women but its important that I keep a sense of humor about it so maybe I should smoke a few bowls before I write some more or watch lance in these time trials before the 13 year old gets back and lays on the bad vibes.

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