Sunday, July 18, 2004

kansas city here I came

Well now Im not sure what I should say on this website especially since I have a little buzz but I am so excited about this new site.  I know that I might piss off a few readers but that is the intent to get a little notoriety and have it as the launching pad for my 6 or 7 figure book.
    The ire of the audience will be the muse or affect the ebb and flow of what I write.  From this rough conglomerate will be the book??...
Excuse me, but you will have to forgive this rambling stream of conciousness from an emotionally disturbed teacher with ADD, in order to take in this boverall (spelling might be off).
     It is the middle of summer now currently in this state of homeless  unemployed limbo while I figure if I wanna start teaching in August or go on hiatus despite the ire of my girlfriend.  I have a house in Oklahoma that Im renting for half the mortgage and I just moved out of the apartment last month  .....  u dont wanna hear this crap!
   So this website is a very rough draft of the type of shit that might go in my book and you, the audience can be my editors!!  How do u like that?
Ok, what kind of shit will go in here?
Muffy (im changing the names to protect the guilty_) says I should write the rough draft before I let John Q Public see it...I say let it out there as the thoughts arise and let u readers tell me what u think.
Well, I gotta have an outline (she says beside the fact that Im a lousy writer)so I'll give an idea for some of the topics...
1. right wing fundamentalists that vote the way their preacher tells them to
a. close minded thinking and Sunday Christians
2. the ever widening schism between the sexes
3. dating before and after caller ID
4. whether u should smoke any weed before u  have to do any heavy thinking or moving especially if ur dating someone with no tolerance for stupidity or mental incompetence
5. cannabis and ADD (several movies goin on in ur brain verses 50)...which is cooler?
6. ADD and the emotionally disturbed teacher in Kansas city schools
7.  How attention deficit disorder affects relationships and ur sense of humor


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  1. I decided to be the first to comment on my own website!
    I love input even if its from my sober self in the middle of the night since I cant sleep and my girlfriend just went down to the couch :(... I wonder how many other attention deficit sufferers also have some sleepless nights?