Friday, July 23, 2004

feelin funky

This summer is flying by and its my own fault or partly ADD that I havent pursued work. I often get these bouts of depression but I have read of these symptoms of feeling like one has so much potential and then paralyzed into inaction. There are so many things that I have to do and then being overwhelmed into doing nothing. I had a small amount of the Adderall and I notice how Im motivated into doing more things, but I hate having to be dependent on medication. I know its sounds hypocritical when I really do enjoy doing the cannabis medication (Ive limited that cuz Im running really low ): and that does help my creativity and sense of humor but when I feel funky, it often accentuates the funkiness :(...
I woke up in real pain with my back but the bone breaker intern had actually helped! Muffy and I had a great day at her parents beautiful backyard pool and then Muffy asked where I got my weed from . It was from her and so she grabs it and starts yelling at me that I still owe her for all I owe for doin my laundry. One of my rules im finally learning is not to trade bud for laundry (esp with your girlfriend)..
Girlfriends and mothers are good for remembering everything since you met them or in ur mothers case since u were conceived!

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