Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Establishing Garvald

U know about changing names to protect the guilty, well I'm changing my name eventually to protect my ass from anyone serving me papers (thats why i gotta find some aussie girl to help get my greencard to escape from the Okie zone to Australia...from being landlocked verses the beatiful waves beckoning "Garvald" as he runs naked on the nude beaches of Byron Bay head first like hes some midlife adolescent who refuses to grow up!!!...to be still a kid instead of an old fat bald bloke and I would think as a youngster, what a Bloody old Perv!
bloke (but some Sheilas think Im cute!).....but cept for my bloody impending back surgery if the Bloody Chiro wont make my paralyzed rt arm stops its tingl
Garvald has arrived since Sunday in the zone of OK.....enjoying or soon starving for intellectual conversation in local pubs(Bumpys and IHOPS)......He has managed to soon irritate some local Benchmarks of the establishment in his search for intellectual challenge beyond the trivia game they were addicted to....Larrry is the Champ with 3 little puter games in front of him....Garvald sometimes in his ADD moment shouts out the answers and get angry stares from an Ellen Degeneres fan and a jr. Schwarzanegger wannabee ...

Garvald asks the green bartender with an impish grin,
He menacingly glares at Garvald with his young youthful redneck testosterone and has empowering thoughts of throwing him out or "opening a can a whoopass on him!"

So Garvald avoid his and Ellen's gaze....
But the great news about "bumpys" is there are a few single male establishments(people actually) that Garvald has thoughts of them as veritable institutions in surving with and without a woman ....Jack Offen, John, and Frank....He even bought jack and Frank drinks!
they were all toasting another website, "tight ass.com"

Earlier, I was visiting Dave,who is suffering from knee difficulties from surgery (yesterday morn). Unfortunately, he was in an irate mood and was in no mood for Garvald's jovial mood and very dry sense of humor. Garvald comes out after a few bowls.
"!"You have no control of Garvald!"
He menacingly points his middle finger at me and stares at me like I have split personalities like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Cannabis!
Fred (me) realizes that he has to take control of Garvald especially when under the influence of the magic hemp. Garvald does not realize that many are not in the mood for his mindless ramblings,especially Muffy!


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  1. Its August 5th and I wanted to say tha Muffy says that I have very poor grammar! Ijm trying to write a funny bar scene in Oklahoma but Im gonna have to do some serious editing :(! Im trying to help her understand that Im putting the rough draft out there warts and all.
    She doesnt like my style with all the dots after I have a thought...She would change the channel as to what she was reading immediately if she came across my page!