Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Back hurtin worse than ever after a fitful sleep and nightmare (i think one of my ex-gfs was hittin me :(....so i was starting to scream out load but it sounded like a depressing moan like the Lee Summit train....
Muffy did a great imitation of it "awwhhhh" (wish I was better with sound
phonetics)...wow just turned my neck just right and now I feel a lot better after poppin my neckbefore I have to pay the 531$ bill to Firestone!    (what a nightmare)...by the way, my reality check, Muffy had a nightmare but I didnt hear her scream. Muffy was afraid of getting raped in her dream.
Its so strange both of us having scary nightmares at the same night.  
 It was such a muggy night down by the river at Casino Royale (Isle  of Capri) losin 200$ in my idiotic thinkin that Ive been lucky the last few visits but not 200$ lucky.(I just told this to Muffy and I know shes gonna use it in an an argument or when she wants rent).
     Sometimes its embarrassing when u have the gambling desire to just win ur money back and ull quit.  Well, do u wanna hear my process of how Im gonna get it back?  (Muffy would be reading this and saying what are u wasting ur time with this shit for? Its amusing to see her critical eye look at this knowing that she reads "The Federalist papers" for leisure!!~
So back to the process of losing...I was up 120$ at first at the craps table and that was enough to pay for the first visit to the back cracker and I should have quit but I was greedy for a comp lunch and by that time I was back to even and breaking into my initial 200$  that I started with at the craps table. I eat the free lunch (there's really no free lunch!) and then plot how I'll win the 120$ back and before I know it Im down to 50!
  So I quit the craps and look for the cheapest blackjack where they only have a 3$ minimum (thats why I like Vegas better cuz they have the 1$ tables and lose slower and get free booze so if u break even u have a free buzz :)   and Ive almost won the money back....only 25 short ....by midnight im breaking my next 100 and I win for a little while and then Im down to   50$ and angry at the dealer that didnt seem to like me winning so I left back to craps and slowly but surely won some of it back and then deciding to leave on a good note and another  comp from the deli...so that way I dont feel like a total loser ....so whats the point of all this ??  
   Gambling sucks when u lose but u should at least get a meal out of it :)
So now Im determined to win it back today after I pay 453$ to firestone and visit the bonecracker...u h oh , Muffy's darling 13 year old daughter is back so Im outta here!


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  1. Im wondering how many hits this stupid site will get?...and Garvald still wants be anonymous cuz sometimes his shit gets misunderstood esp by 13 year old daughters who get angry everytime they see you....