Monday, July 19, 2004

531$ for brakes!

maybe i should go Argosy and win my 531$ ....calipers are expensive for an Infinity
I guess gotta get outta here cuzz Muffy's 13 yr old daughter hates me because Im fat, bald and old (but at least Im cute) oh and Im a slob but this little girl suffer from SBS (spoiled brat syndrome) and leaves messes everywhere for angry Mom to pick up after and then I get yelled at cuz im still in a house payin rent....why is $$ always a sore spot for most women no matter how much u give out, its still not enough and then they throw the "{cheap bastard routine" even though u pay for most everything
especially when u go out and then get yelled at for not leavin enough tip to some of these bartendresses that make at least twice as much as teachers with most of it tax free
    I guess the worst insult in America is bein called wierd, cheap or a perv
U cant defend urself...ur beaten in Yankee culture before u even open ur mouth....thats why I wanna go to Australia where they dont tip unless the bartendress ocassionally smiles



  1. Muffy's daughter sounds like a road scholar. She sure has you pegged for the asshole you are. If there really is a Muffy, which I susspect is a legend in your own mind.

    1. sounds like the bitch witch... wow... she ended up being hooked on heroin :(