old sorries

I was reading your blog and I'm sorry that you have had a very rough challenging life... Maybe one day you will read this and I want to say sorry. I hope one day you can forgive me... I would like to write more to you but I know that all my neighbors read this...

life is actually going better... I am so happy to be with my son and thinking one day at a time eventually he will be in Oz.. on our paradise on the beach!he

I go outside and visualize walking out to the sunny beach instead of our backyard with a view of the neighbors, wondering if they will leave curtains open..(oops forget).
just the thought of some people I know reading this and taking it the wrong way...
but I digress, enjoying a lansy weekend with my son.... loving the aspect of enjoying a weekend with no worries.., trying to enjoy the warmest weekend in January, thankful that this hopeful agnostic has prayed for help with his place in Oz... sometimes things seem to fall in place...e

Its easier to write sometimes, I feel my words are to an individual,,,


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