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its good to be working again, even if its only subbing to get my mind off that my son was taken away by x and selfish xinlaws who want to enjoy his youth in their own dreary life

I get down but then Im invigorated with an autistic student that wins a Rhodes Scholarship and is going to Oxford!

Kelly Fleming remembers the low point of raising her son, Jory.
He was eight years old when he spent an entire morning, afternoon and evening wailing uncontrollably. She still doesn’t know what set off the boy, who has autism and a metabolic disorder.
But the tough times seem more bearable now, at the high point. Last month, Jory, who is 22 with a feeding tube inserted in his stomach and braces on his legs, was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship.
In between came Ms. Fleming’s decision to give up on her own dream of practicing medicine, home schooling Jory, learning to read, a bird named Federer and finally college and a dog named Daisy.
“All children have amazing minds,” Ms. Fleming says. “Their brains…