I had a theme that I was going to briefly tell you about while I'm on a partial escape from myself and my cave while in this currently alienated state.... back to living with my x for 6 months...just telling u this freaks me out that some total stranger could find out this info and see all the things that ive... written...
I need to get a tape recorder... excited now that I have 2 other blogs,  turbayne.com and garvald.net since someone else has garvald.com    based in Edinburgh for special needs people (?)

overall its been another rough day where I have to learn to not lose it with my family back with me, with still the insecurity that they could leave at any time... I will eventually get wifi and have these writings coming late at night  or when Im romanticized by pictures of the sea or the colors of another evening passing my our view in our little backyard...


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