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happy family,, happy life!!
thanks for the great photos, LA!

colin had a great birthday. we went to sea world and he had lots of cool presents!

Bateup brings dog back to life with CPR

Hayley Bateup moments after she performed CPR on Jack, a drowning staffy, at Lake Hugh Muntz. ANIMAL lover Hayley Bateup has taken her passion for canines to another level, stopping a Nippers training session to save the life of a drowning dog.
White staffy Jack was playing with his sister Jess at Mermaid Waters' Lake Hugh Muntz yesterday about 4.45pm when he went under water and did not come back up.
His owner, a Mermaid Waters man, managed to pull Jack out of the water and Bateup said the owner appeared to be "hitting him on the neck."
Bateup, who was training her Mermaid Beach Nippers group, said she rushed over.
"They told me the dog was dead, so I started compressions while the owner did mouth-to-mouth," the ironwoman said.
Bateup said the CPR took about two minutes and she did not think Jack would survive.

"We didn't get a pulse for ages. It was full-on," she said.
"All the kids and parents saw it.
"His heart rate came back and he…
we've been her for over a week and now
I'm at the Broadbeach mall for a little internet and connect back with the world

G'day Mates to this very "dear" country of my heritage!!

amazed that we are finally here!!
like a long lost ostracized cousin from "American Vacation" in Oz.
(There hasn't been a version yet, but I am eager to write the script!!)
..would u imagine Dennis Quaid in the star role as my caracter looking for a parking spot for his travelling van...??
  a nomadic "hippy" family looking for a friendly space to park!!

and the story of this elusive aquatic tribe , that finally reaches home
WASHINGTON -- There is an old saying among economists that the best way to assess the state of the economy is to look at people's underwear.

OK, there's no such saying. But whe
n he served as chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan did use the sales of male underpants as a way to take the temperature of the country's economic well being. And if the Maestro were to take a peek right now, he'd find evidence that things are gradually improving."

well I broke down and got some walmart underwear and socks for our Oz adventure...
still worried about kamikazee redneck arsonist squirrels...

Romney is a con man salesman!

If this slick salesman steals the election with the lying republican machine, we will stay in Australia for as long as we can and seek citizenship to escape this declining country dedicated to the very rich 1%!
How can we continue to increase military spending by 20%!!
Our country will not be safe for my son!

i wonder what would happen if we found out he was a sociopath  "your neighbor is a sociopath" (famous book)... he was a bully like Bush....

surfing for mermaids?!!

what do u think of that title??
that elusive mermaid that possessed his mind throughout his adult life,
 was it like crazy people that believe they had alien encounters, on mysterious driveways of outer suburban/ country KC , missouri...
all stemming from his encounter as a child when he believes(??) he saw this mythical creature...
the voices echoed in his mind from that encounter...
it was a melodic enticing honey laced love song that sounded part human , part melodic mammal
he was starting to get near sighted before his 10th birthday, so he couldn't tell the gender of the
person(??) or marine mammal
the early morning mist and fog made it more difficult to see the creature..
 the ocean was as still as a calm lake which made the moment even more magical
as the boy would love fantasy stories of mythical creatures...
and would often sing "puff the magic dragon" who lived in hona lee as he ran to school on the grass pathway to Broadbeach state school
his schoolmates would l…
i couldn't resist showing this photo of an urban pot farm in cold chicago, just waiting to be harvested...
unfortunately, only the corrupt cops that keep a little for themselves will only get to enjoy it!
a helicopter spotted the growth covering 2 football fields!!

in the meantime, we are going through the usual stress of packing ...