the rug rat in laws are away for a beauty pageant that my neice in law won...
must be some ugly girls in this state..
just kidding..
it will only exacerbate her stuck up prima donna attitude..
but seriously it's been a nice relaxing avo at the inlaws while i peck away furiously as if were a future aussie/american hemmingway...
the thoughts somehow lately help me realize that they might not be far off..
the avenue is there for me to take the avenue ....
like charlton heston seeing the red sea part while he leads his tribe from the african continent!... (how do u like that metaphor)
... im still getting over my visit with the hippy bus
while getting wake up calls about our own mortality
when a good friend/business partner suddenly had a heart attack!!
and his better half is my once and future publisher of my encounter with mermaids/men...


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