the snow abomination!

cant believe that I write about something so prophetically...
about having the right muse/audience to tell my story!
they were there~!

we finally arrived in Taos after spending a night in tucumcari!
after getting the mapquest to taos
we recieved wonderful directions for the hostel just outside of town...
i saw the closest effective commune/hostel in action..
folks were staying at this little "community" for room and board
while others could stay at various rates depending on whether you wanted a private room or cabin..
we chose a lovely little cabin where you had to walk to the outdoor john or shower behind the two kitchens..
it was very rustic and kept the original building of an old trading post in this little old village outside of taos where many of the original buildings appear to be well preserved!
i will continue this tomorrow..
basically the gist of the story, because im getting tired is that i hit it off telling this story to the residents of this little commune/hostel


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