on the verge of walkabout but gotta find a condo for our little family in fairfield bay in the dog days of summer...pehraps a little fortress of solitude where i wont be disturbed too much,cept when i want to swim a km!
trying to tune into writing this story of a young boy standing on a giant turtle that had washed up on shore...
having a few days alone or with few interuptions and a decent sized swimming pool., so i dont get fat during the time this story is incubating in it's (dont know the gender) womb (my mind?)...
thinking of lots of metaphors for this idea...
realize that creativity can be genetic from a time when we seperated from apes...
and developed the art of story telling...
realized that i had that gift , that Dad had with my older brother, Ron and me,
when i told the story of boy seeing the mermaid while he was on top of the turtle...
in front of a wonderful audience, a muse(d) family, the Littles
in candlelight... both events were awesome and inspiring..
the words were inspired as i told the story those 2 nights...

couldn't resist putting in the surf swim race..(a metaphor for our life struggles?)
ok..its a little while after my bathroom writing was done on facebook..
im not  sure if i can be more intimate (too much info) with my unknown audience or the people
that might be friends or close friends and not so close relatives..
do they have an opinion of me that is overall positive or negative??
i cant avoid the selective audience with this blog as much??
you think about your audience when u write or do u just write for your self.. or both...
something perhaps inspires you to go all out on your book
and you find the right medium( audience/ambience) between the eager friends who support you
and sometimes , the reality check which often diminishes the creativity inside of you??
so im watching the tour de france while im waiting for the juices to start flowing in this mermaid tale(?)
and wondering if i can have just the right crowd to inspire             me,      the way a good crowd can inspire
a comic..
i've been gaining wt. rapidly since i havent worked out much (maybe once) since we moved out of our holiday condo in fairfield bay..
it seems like when i travel, it's very easy to eat the wrong foods..that add on calories rapidly..


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