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oops.. I was thinking back on a fun weekend before my little family arrived...this was back at the end of 2010... in a lot of ways we have both come back from so much...
I was so happy the Prozac worked for my better half!
wwhat a cool weekend at Brunswick Heads!!

but this is the least stormies week               with the Hatfields and Mccoys!
still recovering from jet lag and my first gout outbreak in several months...
come back to the states and now need to get some more indomethacin
which really works
along with lots of cherries!
looking forward to having our own condo next to a big long pool so i won't get too fat
wow, thanks so much s, for helping us find jesus :)... im sure we cant do to bad with a carpenter named jesus :)... hope r enjoyed the weekend..
.. i hope the place wasnt too messy.. we are moving into a condo by the 85(?) pool and a good of the lake
a few hundred feet below us.. it has a balcony which i wish our place had the same balcony!
its beautiful and warm here.. doesnt get dark until 9 now so the extra few hours of light are nice.. the temp was 93 fahrenheit (33 c?) and it will get hotter...
i think well enjoy it this time more getting away from in laws and im going to teach colin to swim!

love from john angela and colin.... he calls his cousing tj , "Tommy"!

thanks for keeping me posted s, miss going for a swim with n!
went swimming today and i still feel in good shape, so im planning on staying on that when i swim at least twice a day!

the ocean in oz is still very inviting, but the warmth of the pool is easier while im imagine im with the mysteriously evolved merma…
finally here.. for all who care to know
eric and la are the greatest parents of my buffy
just as i hope my beautiful painting is i afe comfort
I don't like this new blog setup.. it's hard to write because these stupid post setting take up half the screen.. Maybe LA could help.. I feel so sad that we are heading back to reality... worried about taking care of business, but happy that I'm finding things about me and my own intestinal fortitude as to taking care of business..

I'm enjoying this time so much..trying to savor every moment on the beach with him .. and we are bonding so much... becoming best friends as we have the last few relaxing days together!

the passage of time with friends lost and wasted efforts that never materialized
is one of the saddest...i look out on the beach and just see an innocent time
without worries and total freedom.. i look out on the beach and see all of that
and then the future here with my family
living on the beach has i think been the most rewarding...
now I'll spend sometime in the last week with my son while my honey flies back to see her first son graduate
and i'll be heading back to reality
this last week has been so beautiful and being on the beach is sometimes
the only place i want to be
and share the same feelings about the sea as others..
i don't want to think abut the future and let myself get stressed
when it's a lot easier on your mind to live day by day
the cold autumn wind has come through blowing away the aboriginal/indian summer
so colin and i have gone into hibernation watching movies
and me spending a little computer time
as we recover from getting up so early in th…
so much to tell you, but fear of my enemies'(?) eyes intimidate my writing...
how do you define your enemies?
are they the folks that would enjoy living off of you while they watch your demise or "come uppance"
do they define come uppance as rationalizing their mysogynistic behavior as ok because it profits them and is at your expense.. it doesn't matter where you go, you will meet these people... they are the folks that you want to trust and befriend while they are scheming how they can take advantage of you....
a bloke indian (?) giving me a vcr/dvd combo
the vcr never worked eating my fathers tape of mermaid beach in the 60's despite being exposed to the sea air, the dvd still worked
when our friendship soured and he wanted it back... when he trespassed our place demanding it and a ball that he "gave" colin we gave it to him after he left calling us losers... jealous of our view that we enjoyed each day... wishing that he could have that view o…
the day was so beautiful...
i wanted to write about it
and take a picture of it...
and tell you about it...
the moon has been closer to the earth
which has been affecting the tides
causing them to be extremely low
and very high...
i suppose it affects our moods too...
our new blogs are in this weird format which makes it difficult to write to you..these post settings are very irritating and then there is big white line in the middle of the page..

well anyway,  today was the most beautiful day.. I keep saying that but the waves were humongus, so that I swam 400 meters out just to past all the breaking waves..
I wanted to take so  many pictures,  but I haven't gotten round to getting a new camera...
I could so easily get overwhelmed with the future, but I am living each day at a time ...
and taking in as much of these beautiful days as if they are the last...
then it's nice to make connections and conversate with people who are nice..
I'm still taking in the fact about winning the handicap swim race...
i love to know that i can be the best a t something and beat guys much younger
than me..
i feel good even though, ive come down with this awful cold ..
colin gave it to angela and we                 going through boxes of tissues..…

it is high tide today at 4:20! fair dinkum!

"according to most repubs, anybody for the good of the people is a socialist. They would label Jesus as a socialist if they didnt know who he was."

I'm still beaming over the win in the surf handicap's nice to know that for one day I was the best iin the surf swim race.. starting out behind everyone and still winning!
i feel good other than missplacing my camera..its almost 420
and I hop;e my better is in a good mood after her walk..