A Gold Coast lifeguard had to revive a construction worker after he was shocked by 6000 volts of electricity on a building site today.

Veteran council lifeguard Stuart Keay was patrolling Mermaid Beach when he was called to the aid of the concreter at the construction site of a house on exclusive Hedges Avenue.

"My friend who is a builder on the site ran down to me and said, 'come quick, one of the workers is dead from electrocution'," Mr Keay said.

Advertisement: Story continues below The 58-year-old lifeguard reached for his defibrillator, oxygen mask and bag and ran to the scene, where he found the worker lifeless on the ground.

"He was cyanosed, he was blue," Mr Keay said.
"The builders were working on him. He was on his back and they were doing heart massage and resuscitation.

"I told them to take his shirt up and I put the defib pads on."
Mr Keay and other workers stood clear as the machine shocked the man once.

"We started the heart massage again and we did that until the machine said 'stand clear, shock advised'," he said.
"We shocked him again and then continued resuscitation and heart massage. I could feel a pulse, but I waited to see what the machine said.

"It said, 'no shock advised'. I knew then that he had a strong pulse.

"We rolled him on his side and he actually started to breathe."

Just as paramedics arrived at the scene, the man growled: "What's going on?"

In his 39 years as a lifeguard, Mr Keay has saved the lives of many, but he rebuffs any suggestion that he has earned the status of hero.

"It was a pleasure to use the skills and the training. It just worked out well for that guy," he said.

It is understood the concrete truck pump being used by the man came in close contact with overhead power lines, generating the shock.

The man was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment.

Immediately after the man spoke, Mr Keay returned to his watch post on the beach.

"It's just another day at work," he said.

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