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Im excited about the carnival this weekend for the Gold Coast Titles!
another day.. need to take colin swimming!
I won my first age group surf swim race at Alexander Headlands .. and we won the age group Tarpin relay!
Im gaining more confidence in these surf races!

"stoner girls"

it's interesting that i get very interesting searches from all over the world and particulary from KC
could it be one of my old friends or perhaps estranged   friends?... the bloke that looked up the above hilarious title found my site...and they are from KC,KC and they have a Macintosh operating system...
perhaps the Crowmac?? now a lot can disguise their IP perhaps..

what is our future learning to live on Mermaid Beach?

early to mid avo is the best time to reflect    on our visit to the land of OZ...
barely getting access to the net through this unsecured network from which source could be the kind(?) benefactor... so 2/3rds of my family is sleeping giving me a little respite... I've  got to figure out how I will write this essay... the only way is to take these moments (sometimes hours depending on our sleep patterns) of respite(?)...always searching for words to capture the moment as well as I can.. the neighbors downstairs have finally moved , but the owners have been cleaning up all this week I suppose before they put it on the market.. hopefully we will have folks who we can connect with
at least perhaps with a common swim in the surf...
one bloke was checking the place out..
he was must have know somehow through the beach grapevine, that the place would be vacant... so it will only be moments before someone else will be downstairs to enjoy our communal lawn
so I would love to have a barbie downstair…
my honey went swimming out past the small break in the very calm ocean this morning..
she was exhilirated to see the perpective of the beach from the blue waters out in the back!
my honey just discovered what it's like     past the break and how the beautiful the water is when you get out past the break!

the days keep getting cooler...

it's wonderful to cannabize with a new neighbor while we "palava" over a game of chess...
it's cool to connect and feel positive vibes from people...
it seems like Im on a wonderful streak catching that rip
to happiness
i have so many pics to share with you...
spending time on the beach with my family is priceless..
im feeling it more and more..
our destiny
the chair throwing neighbor had the energy (which i dont have) , widened the path through the dune vegetation...
I think he is afraid of the snakes(brown ones that can be fatal)  that he claims live in the vegetation

last year he showed all the interested neighbors a pic of a snake
(my writing was just erased)
of course, I always do my best writing when Im in one of these epiphenous states and it very often gets erased...

last night my family went to a bible study with this young lady lifeguard (Tara)
she gave us a ride since we only have a broken down unroadworthy car
and I was pleasantly surprised that we met wonderful Christian people at this potluck dinner/bible study...
I wouldnt meet such genuine folks at a church in the states ,
but many of my good american friends are Christian, so I shouldn't generalize...
but that's in my nature..
so bottom line,  after the delicious dinner, we all got together in little prayer groups  of 5 or 6...
when it came to us I prayed t…

another low carbon imprint (low energy/lazy) day occupying Mermaid Beach!

my better half let me sleep in till 9 this morning missing out onteh beautiful morning, considering that I had to move Colin to his bed from ours... then I didnt go back to selep...but thanks to angela I wasn't sleep deprived...
I worked out while Stu(our lifeguard) coached me on my ins      and outs...
it frustrates me when I have to keep signing into google in order to write on my own blog
I keep forgetting the password
Colin is telling me he doesnt want to go to sleep and it 930 pm
Mommy has already fallen asleep so it's up to me to entertain him
he is listening to my every word.. so amazing bringing another human being into this world

and living our world through him

Happy Birthday, Dad (Colin Murray senior)

Dad would be 96 today, he would have had fun today watching his grandson with his name grow up and meet new challenges.. it was a gorgeous day for you, Dad, if you are still looking over the rip where we poured your remains for the tide to take you out and in, so you became part of the ocean and golden sand we run and surf in... what better place for lovers of the sea..

I dont know what to write, but there are so many other moments in the day that I'd like to express myself..  the biggest joys lately are just the living vicariously through our son's little victories.. we were so proud of him in his first swim lesson since coming back to  what he calls "Oklahoma"
and seeing how is he getting smarter each day..
without the tv (just a very tiny little dvd player with a minute screen to help occupy some moments) we are bonding much more as a family
with fewer arguments over the volume, cept now I like to crank up some songs so colin can do his rock and roll ditty!
today was another great day. my honey swam 400 meters without stopping!
she swam it in about 15 minutes when one needs to do in 9 minutes to eventually pass the course, but that is a start and I know that with conditioning she can do it!
I won the unofficial race today and won some Ky Hurst goggles. The swell was too rough to have the buoys at the back so we just swam in the gutter before the back break!