what a beautiful day, finally... it started off cloudy but no rain and there was hope after waking from a bad dream, where I worry things happen to the most beautiful people I love the most
and maybe that fear permeates my subconcious...
it was good to see Uncle Stu , where I took Colin and he could play in the little playground across from our surf club and between the club and Stu's lifeguard tower,,
he's trying to make things right after his sons took advantage of his landlord
borrowing our Holden Barina without our permission..
I feel always let down often by people I trust the most..
but still I can forgive when they atone for their misdeeds..
we talk about the sins of the father, but it appears most often that the sins of the children are what parents have to pay for..so I need to train our son now, before colin is old enough to drive (but hopefully when he's out of school and has a responsible job)...
so the sun finally peaked through after noon, while we waited for Mommy to wake up and get over a hangover, which incapacitated our planned bike trek to the swimming pool at Pizzy Park
then she wasn't in the mood for Barramundi Monday at the surf club..
so we enjoyed the beautiful evening with sun finally showing herself after being in the closet since thursday...


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