Thanks for the wonderful pic of Buffy, Eric and LA! I wish your family a wonderful year, too!
She looks so adorable!

looking for a chair...

I could get upset at my neighbor and ex neighbor who are now best mates, they enjoy getting drunk together and then when intoxicated, they  have a sport of throwing my dune chairs into the dune vegetation...maybe I'll take a pic of the chair since it's in plain view of everyone...I'm sure that will affect his short temper!...

and the new day arrives, seeing the two chairs sitting in the vegetation,
but it's a beautiful day, and they don't bother me as much,
so  check out the waves sitting on my green chair that was an object of last night's chair throwing contest
I run down to the sea
 and feel the cool blue salt water as I duck dive to the last wave that crashes down on the sand bank...I race and face it head on with no fear
and dive for the bottom where you can grab the sand..
and pull myself away from the bullshit of Parthenon Place...

can you find the chair in the dune vegetation?
I decided to just take it easy in the race, but then I think I'll just keep pace with Grant and Gunner who all went off with the same handicap as me...
but then I only saw Cale, who is far faster swimmer pass me in our 2nd lap and I thought that my chances for 1st were nil... He had the race, so I took it easy, but just playing it smart with conservation of energy,
before the strong waves broke  I saw Cale and another young bloke already at the finish line,
I swam up current, so I wouldn't get caught in the gutter where it's a long haul before one emerges with a foothold on the sand..

I took a very strong wave and I was standing up, so I waited thinking that if I wait long enough(2 minutes)
I'll come in last so my handicap wouldn't decrease in time for the next race...
unfortunately, I found out Cale started too early so was moved to 5th and the fast bloke behind him was not counted , since they didn't know his ability...
I could have easily beaten the first place finisher who counted, Grant, since I waited in the shallow water while he had to come out sprinting out of the water 50 meters down the beach.. oh well,
missed out on a chance for winning free Brekkie at the surf club, and my family was very hungry...
we would have enjoyed a $20 breakfast ...
but at least I finally know that I can win this challenging race in the next week or two, since I have just the right handicap to do it!


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