its finally quiet time to start chirping like an asshole

1 of a few ways to save this country: arrest this pig!

and fire these crazy motherfuckers! or laugh them off their stages!
 some faggot did the above search and of course he/she comes up with my site!...
Maybe it's the closet homo, Grover Norquist, who openly tells his party to despise gays, so dumb ignorant closeminded fucks will continue to vote republican...
because as long as they claim to be christian, stop abortions and eventually birth control, and hate homos, people on the far right will continue to vote for them ... regardless of how they are getting fucked by the govt in every conceivable way!@

Karl Rove and Grover Norquist  have a diabolical plan that is actually working...
but guess what happened to Hitler!

ok..excuse the French but I am so incensed that so many people are being hoodwinked by tea party thinking... I used to think fondly of a tea party being brought up by Aussies who love their morning and afternoon tea breaks.. or used to when I was a child in a very much more English Oz!
but this tea party is an abomination and half the nation doesnt see how they are destroying a once good country who care about the people!


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