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amazing how these tea party folks sound like they have just come off Fox news... these blokes can't think for themselves...
they are trained by this new Republicon think    tank to use the same sound bites in the brainwashed neocon way!

I hear this hispanic bloke , a congressman from Texas... first of all he doesn't speak English as it's not his native language, but if it were not for the heavy accent, you would hear the same speach from Rush! this bloke says demagoging (wrong way to use the word) , but you hear from every other neoconservative! I keep hearing this word from the correct definition:: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power (i suppose neocons believe this aboutObama)
most of these blokes that use the word don't even understand the correct definition!

2: a leader championing the cause of the common people in ancient times (where is our Gandalf?)

when will we become wise enough to not get brainwas…


I could be talking about this country or I could be talking about my family and the battles (non physical)
with the inlaws... it's about love and hate... cept with my family , the father loves the son and sometimes Mom...  the tea party is winning    and the in law Papa and Nana are winning...
as the ladies take my child off to a right wing baptist church... (that lends in the right wing religious thinking) ...if you are for taxes  you are excommunicated from our church!
money , power and the status quo so often wins out ...until,,,
as it's happening all over the world ....
a class warfare...
I went outside for a little      herbal inspiration...and take another marker in our life as an individual  and as a citizen of a country that I no longer want me or my immediate family involved with...
I want to take my family far away and escape the lemmings" mad rush
family and close to a very drastic turning point in our government and economy is over...

I could be l…
"I am fully engaged with the president!"
said Leader Mcconnell!.....

Trust me. we will not have a default!

The goal of the Neoconservative (newly formed repubs)

"Starving the beast" is a fiscal-political strategy of some American conservatives[1][2] to cut taxes, depriving the government of revenue that enables spending on social programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, in an effort to create a fiscal budget crisis that would then force the federal government to reduce spending. The assumption is that the government would not spend beyond its means (taxes). History has shown, however, that the US government - "the beast" - has instead borrowed money to feed its continued growth resulting in ever increasing United States public debt rather than reductions in the size of government.

James M. Buchanan, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, helped develop the Fiscal Illusion hypothesis. It's obvious, he said, "borrowing allows spending to…

Positive News!

"CBS)  In the world of energy, the Holy Grail is a power source that's inexpensive and clean, with no emissions. Well over 100 start-ups in Silicon Valley are working on it, and one of them, Bloom Energy, is about to make public its invention: a little power plant-in-a-box they want to put literally in your backyard...."
Here's how it works. The Bloom Box is actually full of modules that are about twice the size of your fist. Each module contains a fuel cell about as slim as a cracker. The fuel cell operates by oxygen flowing through one side--fuel on the other--resulting in a chemical reaction that creates electricity. One of these cells can power a light bulb. One module full of these cells can fuel an apartment; two can power the average-sized American home. It's a marvelous example of why space exploration and military spending are a GOOD thing, despite what those on the left may say--Sridha…
so many things that I want to say to you... as times flies by in an accelerating way forward to what appears to be the metaphoric cliffs in this country , we are currently living this moment, I've epiphinized where I am ... forty years ago , I had no clue where I would be when I was Dad's age.. I didn't want to be like him, yet I see myself emulating him..
 the difference is what I want to pass on to our continuing conciousness, Colin...
i teach him to feel comfortable in the water... and we connect and bond more than we have before ... and feel how he is so much a part of me
and my family ... when I see my mother's eyes and smile, when he smiles at me...
he already has it all, the love and affection of his huge extended family..
the epipeheny was discovering my true feelings as I understand myself and can use this knowledge for the benefit of our future conciousness..

our dysfunctional nation could be compared to our dysfunctional disintergrating families... I …
let's have a tea party where I can eat some tasy hobbits!

ummm..who started the wars?? umm how much are these wars costing??

Neocons knew they could blame democrats!
They have had a grand plan for destroying our country financially better than Hitler destroyed Germany..but the difference is that Germany came back and became a financial power... Germans were embarrassed/Shamed to be have been led into ruin by a psychotic,
and now I am embarrassed that Bush led our country down the tubes very quickly... I tell Aussies that I didn't vote for this idiot and knew we were getting into a mess when the republicons wanted to invade Iraq!

 Fox and the right wing media have succesfully distracted us from these stupid wars we started and are attempting to blame  Obama and democrats for the state we are in !!  Have we forgotten about the cost of these wars?\
Why dont we focus on getting us out of these needless wars for oils?
Instead of just focusing on the reason  why we are in this shape??

the audacity of the republiconmen party...
Herr Bush (the bloke whose granddad lent money to the nazis and calls himself Tex…

Imagine the movies used to brainwash Nazis!~

Leni Riefenstahl made movies to demonstrate for    Herr Hitler the super aryan race...
now the republiconazis used this totally unrelated    movie clip to instill the congressmen into destroying our government as Nazis did when they                         had the Reichstag building destroyed in a similar fashion to the Two Towers!
"In a conference meeting on Tuesday, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) showed a scene from the film in which Doug MacRay, a bank robber played by Ben Affleck, asks his friend to participate in a violent revenge attack. It was an odd note to sound during a debt ceiling debate -- and more than that, it was an unusual way of fostering unity among the ranks.
On Wednesday, Affleck -- who wrote and directed "The Town" -- said that he too found the whole scenario a touch bizarre. And in a statement his spokesperson provided to The Huffington Post, he suggested that Republicans use a different one of his movies next time they need to whip vo…

a love letter to our earth from a cromagnon (who's not sure if he wants to associate with humans!)

words can be so dangerous, fear instilling catalysts for action... positive or negative... ... we are at the brink of an economic lemming tumbling down the cliffs... I want us to   succeed as a race but we have to totally change our way of thinking before there is Armegeddon....   and our own terms with our god...our philosphy of surviving each day I think that        we need to make a 10 step method of survival!! not necessarily prioritized!
( ibetter hurry with the 10 steps before Papa wants his puter back!) (now im back on my puter with the thick long white streak down the middle!)

1. see our life as a chess match and we might just see the future!
2. start thinking at least 3 steps ahead of the possible future
3.  start thinking of the way our young think and what they want of their very dangerous future
...even if there is no armegeddon,, there will be a mass amount of homo sapiens running over the metaphoric cliffs!).... devote our precious free moments to be with our future and they…

When will Obama say no to these Repub Rapists of our economy??

"WASHINGTON — A few days ago, former President Bill Clinton identified a constitutional escape hatch should President Obama and Congress fail to come to terms on a deficit reduction plan before the government hits its borrowing ceiling.

On Friday, Mr. Obama rejected the idea, though not in categorical terms.
"I have talked to my lawyers,” Mr. Obama said. “They are not persuaded that that is a winning argument.”

Adding another element of uncertainty, and possible court battles, to the debate do not seem to appeal to the White House. And it is, in any event, not clear that the nation’s creditors would continue to lend money to the United States were the president to take unilateral action.

The provision in question, Section 4 of the amendment, was meant to ensure the payment of Union debts after the Civil War and to disavow Confederate ones. But it was written in broader terms.

“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incur…
On a good note, while our country is going bankrupt, I had a beautiful afternoon with my son taking him swimming at the very large Fairfield Bay swimming pool!
Colin refused to wear his floaties and wanted to swim without them. He practiced swimming underwater as he pushed off from the pool ladder into my arms!

Republicon terrorism!

"A major factor in how the United States wound up in hock to the tune of $14.3 trillion is the so-called Global War on Terror, the American jihad under which all causes have been subsumed, while niggling things like facts, the constitution and strategic objectives have been relegated to irrelevance. So it seems a tad ironic that as they attempt to square the books, the same Republicans who have so eagerly prosecuted the war on terror, running up huge deficits in the process, are now behaving like the enemies on which they have squandered so much blood and treasure: They are acting like terrorists.".....
Peter S. Goodman.
Business Editor, The Huffington Post

When will americans become wise to the fact that we our economy and country are getting fucked? (excuse the French)
When will bush and repubs be held accountable for starting these wars that are bankrupting this country??  They raised the …
it's sure nice to finally have a little vindication from a person of authority!
 it's nice to see when see someone that has no consequences for his unprofessional behaviors and poor  BUSINESS ETHICS  , finally get chewed out by the judge!

next step is getting paid to make the improvements that the previous squatter should have done...
the judge suggested even going further when he saw the pictures of unfinished work that should have taken care of over a year ago!
Judge Judy couldn't have put  this bloke in his place any better!   Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for justice!
Where's the shed? Where's the guttering? From what you  were paid, you could have put guttering all around the county court house!

Fox News is just entertainment for right-wing rednecks

"Rupert Murdoch is emperor of the Fox News world empire.
I am glad that the public is now seeing that Fox News is just entertainment. For years just a few people knew that Fox News is entertainment. But now people are seeing that it is not focusing on the real stuff. If we could get rid of Fox News, life would get closer to making sense. Next we need to get rid of neo-cons. Just think about it, America was founded by democrats. Fox News bashes democrats and even supports republicans! When you compare CNN or MSNBC to Fox News you would see a difference. CNN focuses on fair game, Fox News just says something bad will happen when a democrat wins. But all we can say at Escape the Okie Zone's Escape Zone is that sometime in the future Fox News is going to come to a close or face a major downfall."

this is from a good friend from one of the next generations!... our future after our generation is gone or taking liquids from a nurse, before we eventually part this lea…

I am so happy that we were able to take a break from all the relatives and have my family back for a couple of days at the Lawrence Welk resort... and splash around a little in this Splash a torium with my family!
My son is becoming so much more confident in the water jumping into the deep water with his little floaties on his arms! I bought him goggles and he was discovering what it's like looking underwater!
it's cool hanging out here! it's nice to have good friends to help me escape from intolerable situations!

Hi I am Ray Little, And I made this animation for Garvald. DISCLAIMER: Ray Little and Garvald are not members of any commie or capitalist groups. --BEGIN GARVALD TRANSMISSION--

Big fat beach bum....who's getting skinnier!@

the inlaws call me a big fat bum!! but a bum doesn't have 2 places in 2 different hemispheres!
.... but Im less wt than the avg obese okie or Arkie

so we all decide to escape the unites  states of arkies and okies! but I will be a big fat bum on the beaches of Oz!


"Cockeyed optimist"

one of my regular(?) readers perhaps did a search for "Cockeyed Optimist definition"
and for some reason this page showed up from over a year ago..time is flying by so just seemed a few months ago...
I need to look at where I was at at that point (after my home almost burned down) and then just look reflectively at where I'm at in my relationship, and how I seem to lose control of my family
 my son just becomes more and more attached to his best friend/cousin...
and I feel like I'm losing my connections with him...but then there are moments when I feel so close to him...
he wants to see me off everytime I even go I know he still loves me!
"this is the life that I have often envisioned...or possibly even dreamed of...
of course it's not the same or quite as good as this future utopian dream...

there are many obstacles to this simple could even be a hippy (sans hair) life style with no cars in this little community..but alas,…

Why do the poor in the Okie Zone stubbornly vote Republicon?

"Orrin Hatch: The 'Poor' Should Do More To Shrink Debt, Not The Rich "
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) voted against beginning debate on a measure that would have the Senate declare the rich should share the pain of debt reduction Thursday, a day after arguing that it's the poor and middle class who need to do more.
"I hear how they're so caring for the poor and so forth," Hatch said in remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday, in reference to Democrats. "The poor need jobs! And they also need to share some of the responsibility."
Hatch's comments were aimed at a motion that passed 74 to 22 to start debating a non-binding resolution that says millionaires and billionaires should play a more meaningful role in reducing the nation's debt.
Just one Democrat, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), voted against having the debate. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who had previously called the resolution "rather pathetic," nevertheless voted t…
I have to follow through with so many things in my life!
for now, my focus should be about getting money back for the work that the builder refused to do , especially when I paid him a year ago!
along with staying in a nice home for free!
reminds me about another situation of getting f....cked but I'm not supposed to talk about it!
"The ammunition of the culture wars presently waging in America is words. George Santayana was not wrong when he noted "Words are weapons, and it is dangerous . . . to borrow them from the arsenal of the enemy." The Republican Party, aided and abetted by the powerful AM talk radio conservatives, has found the most useful and efficient word of all in its arsenal–the word "liberal." Call someone a liberal, and you are able to instantly invalidate everything that person says, and worse to invalidate that person. Call a person you don't agree with a liberal, and whatever evidence is brought to light in a reasonable discussion is reduced to meaninglessness. The word "liberal" is a word that is used to deflate any argument based on reason. It is a word used to shut down any dissent. It is a word with the intent to isolate, sublimate, scapegoat, and group so-called undesirables who do not "tow the line," and it i…
I have to keep an open mind about things and start saying to myself...
Hey maybe, we are blessed??
and then telling my wife, if I was a believer, I would believe our family is blessed...
my stepson has a chance to live with his basketball coach (who's an ex-navy seal)...
this would be the best thing for getting a little discipline , which has been lacking in his life
and of course , my life, except for my many summers of leading canoe trips through Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada!
wow!!... another summer ground hog month.... with my usual challenges each summer with  our mutual anchor in the Okie Zone... and what to do??
Charles wants me to live here... well for a little while,
while the squatter still keeps his refrigerators
in a hostile neighbors' garage....
so he comes by expecting to pick up his shit that he left on purpose and a cheap digital wall clock!
just curious to see his old home where he stayed for free...(so he does the bathroom
and kitchen (claiming it to be granite counters!)..and my friend pointed out to him that it was formica!) fortunately,   a  reputable builder  actually helped me to clean up his mess and fix the 4 doors he fucked up and the unfinished bathrooms, cabinets and closets, noting again  his overall unprofessional work, was there to bounce him off my property finally! and it was funny to see him run off with his tail between his legs...seeing his Mark told him off about his poor unfinished work...
"How do you like the shoe…